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How to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud in 8 Steps

Cloud, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Remote Work

How to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud Steps


There are any number of reasons an organization might choose to migrate to Atlassian Cloud. Perhaps a CTO or CIO has mandated moving all enterprise tools to the cloud. Or, perhaps mergers and acquisitions are driving a need to scale up and down quickly and to consolidate instances and users.

In many cases, organizations are simply looking to experience the many benefits of Atlassian Cloud: flexibility, ease-of-use, and total cost of ownership, among them.

In our latest whitepaper, we guide the reader through the high-level steps an organization will need to take to plan for, prepare for, and migrate to Atlassian Cloud in order to provide a fundamental understanding of the primary workstreams. As we walk through these steps, we explore common concerns, highlight points at which critical decisions will need to be made, and explain how an experienced Atlassian partner can help facilitate the process.

Download the Whitepaper

If you are still deciding whether or not Atlassian Cloud is right for your organization and would like to know more about the benefits of Cloud, consider first reading Know Before You Go: Your Guide to Migrating to Atlassian Cloud, then returning to this paper. For those who have already made a decision, or who want to know more about the actual process, please download the whitepaper!

How to Migrate to Atlassian Cloud in 8 Steps

TAGS: Cloud, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Remote Work

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