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Jira Service Management (JSM) was originally built as a bug tracker, but over time, it has become much more robust than that. Today, JSM is used for task management, change management, ITSM, and more. And while many of these use cases revolve around software development and engineering, JSM can also be tailored for non-technical teams and non-technical uses.

Let’s look at a few scenarios...


Business Operations

JSM is an ideal solution for companies to manage both customer-facing and internal service desks. With JSM, teams can customize easy-to-use portals where employees can submit requests for approval or visit a Confluence-driven knowledge base. Requests can be easily tracked, and business teams can see what has been submitted, who submitted it, and when. It's a great way to organize departmental requests.


Travel and Expenses

Employees can submit requests for trips that they need booked, or ask for approval of travel-related expenses. Does Accounting need to know how much travel happened overseas and how much was spent? It’s trackable within JSM. The use of custom fields can capture exactly the type of information needed for these types of requests.


Time Off

When team members request time off, tickets can be created within JSM. This information can then be viewed on a calendar in Confluence. It can also be reported on, such as the number of people who requested a specific date off. Time off requests can even be linked to work-in-progress as blockers in Jira.


Asset Tracking

Need to issue a laptop and keyboard to a new employee, or keep track of who is using shared equipment and what location they're in? Tickets in JSM can be used to track who has an item, when it was checked out or delivered, and when it’s due back. 


Marketing Collateral

Marketing can also take advantage of JSM. Any time an employee needs new company-branded apparel, business cards, or swag for a trade show, they can submit a request and the Marketing team will be alerted to fulfill that request.


With a little creative thinking, JSM can be used for so much more than software development. While there are definitely use cases for JSM that are beyond what the tool can and should be used for, it is possible to build functionality that runs efficiently and works for most teams. Think outside the box and there’s probably a JSM solution.

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