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As Atlassian phases out its Server deployment method, they are easing the transition to Data Center for nonprofit organizations, teachers, and students. Beginning February 2, 2021, Atlassian is introducing Community and Classroom licenses for its Data Center deployment method. The licenses are FREE to qualifying customers, and once licensed, the discount extends to Data Center versions of Marketplace apps—they will also be free.

Atlassian will continue to offer Community and Classroom licenses for its Cloud deployment method at the current 75% discount. The discount also applies to Marketplace apps.

Have questions? We thought you might, so we’ve put together a brief Q&A to clarify things...


Who Qualifies for Community and Classroom Licenses?

Community licenses are for nonprofit organizations and Classroom licenses are for teachers and students to use in educational settings. Classroom licenses cannot be used for administrative purposes or for anything outside of the classroom, but Atlassian does offer a generous Academic discount, as well.


Can I Convert My Existing Community or Classroom License for Server to Data Center or Cloud?

You cannot convert your existing Server license to Data Center. Instead, you will have to request a new license specifically for Data Center. Here are the links to do that: 


I have a Community or Classroom License and Use the Server Deployment Method. Do I Have to Migrate to Data Center or Cloud Now?

If you’re using Server and are not ready to make a change, you can continue to use it for another three years. Any time between now and then, you can migrate your Atlassian tools and Marketplace apps to either Data Center or Cloud.


Tell Me More About the Discount on Marketplace Apps...

Once your Data Center quote is created and converted to a Community or Classroom license, the 100% discount will be automatically applied to any Marketplace apps in your instance.

Existing discounts on Marketplace apps for customers with Community and Classroom licenses for Server and Cloud remain in place. They are:

  • Community and Classroom license with Server deployment: 100% discount on Server versions of Marketplace apps
  • Community or Classroom license with Cloud deployment: 75% discount on Cloud versions of Marketplace apps


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