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Atlassian Selects Platinum Expert Team That Helped Develop Requirements for
Jira and Confluence Certification Program to Join New Council

(Phoenix, Ariz. Jan. 12, 2016) – Isos Technology, an Atlassian Platinum Expert and leader in enterprise software development, announced today it has been named part of the Atlassian Certification Program Advisory Council for Atlassian’s new Jira and Confluence certification process, expected to be released in the first part of 2016.

Isos Technology is one of a distinguished few Atlassian partners selected for the Advisory Council, which will oversee, in collaboration with Atlassian, the new certification program guidelines, manage and evolve certification requirements, and develop the certification exams themselves for both the Jira and Confluence tools.

“After helping Atlassian develop the Certification Requirements for Jira and Confluence, this is a natural next step for our team, so we’re honored and excited to become part of the Advisory Council,” commented Thad West, co-founder and CEO of Isos Technology. “The proliferation of Jira and Confluence is remarkable and clearly will continue to grow, so offering a path to product certification for super users is a fantastic way to further grow and support Atlassian’s channel program.”

According to a November 2015 Fortune article, Atlassian has grown to support approximately 51,000 paying customers, representing five million active users as of the end of its latest quarter. With Jira at the heart of the company’s core product strategy, and its collaboration tool, Confluence, growing in popularity, Isos and Atlassian expect the new Certification Program to drive even more awareness and demand.

For more on the Isos Technology’s Atlassian service offerings, visit http://www.isostech.com/atlassian-tools/. To track the launch of the coming Atlassian Certification Program for Jira and Confluence, visit https://www.atlassian.com/certification. 

About Isos Technology

Isos Technology is a leader in solving complex business, people and technology challenges in today's enterprise. The company's in-depth expertise in process automation, agile software development, user experience, mobile and talent acquisition helps clients improve product quality while reducing time-to-market. Isos Technology has strategic partnerships with industry-leading organizations including Atlassian, Amazon, Zephyr and IBM, and holds both Atlassian Enterprise and Atlassian Platinum Expert status. The company's management team and software engineers all share their expertise on the corporate blog as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. For more information, visit www.isostech.com.

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