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Isos Technology's 15th Anniversary: 5 Things We've Learned in 15 Years

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As we close out the month of June, we also will bid farewell to the month in which we've celebrated the 15th anniversary of Isos, or our "month-a-versary," as we've been calling it. To think that it's been 15 years since four software nerds decided to join forces to offer top-notch IT consulting services...well, it boggles the mind. In some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago and in some ways, it seems like it was just yesterday. 

Without further ado, may we present you with 5 things we've learned in the last 15 years:

1. A company is only successful if you provide your employees with the right culture and tools to be successful.

2. Atlassian is an incredibly awesome partner and their toolset can literally help any team in any organization on any given day. Don't believe us? We will show you how!

3. Teamwork and collaboration are the key to success in any company. There is no "I" in team, unless you're counting Isos.

4. As long as the top half of your body looks respectable for a Zoom meeting, who cares what you're wearing on your lower half. Pajamas? No problem! Bunny slippers? You do you!

5. We truly have the best team ever. We feel so fortunate that not only do we all work incredibly well together from a professional perspective, but we also just all really like each other. We created a video as an homage to our amazing team...we hope you'll check out!

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