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Why Jira Service Management is the Smart Solution for Today's ITSM

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On November 9th, 2020, Jira Service Desk (JSD), an Atlassian product, will become Jira Service Management (JSM). In making this change, Atlassian has identified three primary needs JSM will address—all of which are in response to feedback from customers and IT leaders.

First, users want the ability to respond to changing business processes more quickly. JSM’s change management updates will allow users to innovate faster and integrate more easily into modern software workflows.

Second, users want to have more effective tools for managing incidents quickly. JSM’s modern incident management was built with speed in mind. Designated ticket categories, on-call alerting capabilities, and a host of other new features built for ITSM will route and triage all the work that flows through IT.

Third, users want to deliver better customer experiences. And by putting service information in front of those who need it quickly and efficiently, users can provide those experiences successfully at every stage of the process. Those are the three main factors behind Atlassian’s change.

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Implementing Jira Service Management For IT Leaders' Unique Needs

Most IT leaders understand that these implementations can be very challenging and complex. Isos’ years of experience working with all that Atlassian provides allows us to integrate ITSM tools and solutions more effectively.

Isos Technology is a Platinum Atlassian partner that was recognized as JSD Partner of the Year in 2017 and Enterprise Partner of the Year in 2019. We also have broad experience with all of Atlassian’s tools. In short, we're an Atlassian shop.

That said, the Isos team works with your organization and your clients’ specific requirements. We can customize solutions based on what your team needs.

Support & Supplemental Services

Support, of course, goes beyond implementation. Atlassian products are powerful, but getting the maximum value out of the tools requires understanding how they fit with your business and adapting the tools to your environment. And the Isos Tech team never leaves users high and dry.

Isos’ managed services program can continue to help you if you need it. That way, if problems do appear, you’ll have a partner on your side with the knowledge to respond and adapt quickly.

Further, Isos offers a lot of different solutions and services for JSM and other Atlassian tools. These include consulting and long-term support.

Sometimes teams need an expert to come in and explain how systems work, or how the tools will best fit your team, or how the systems should be structured.

Organizations that don't have an in-house or full-time Atlassian resource often find it easier to ramp up if they bring someone in to assist. And if further customization or troubleshooting is necessary weeks or months later, Isos will bring a thorough understanding of Atlassian tools to bear on any issues that arise.

Pricing & Mobile Features

Another useful addition is the new feature for approvals in the mobile app.

IT leaders have asked numerous times why they can't approve a ticket through an email. That's been a pain point in the past because it's been difficult for leaders to approve changes on the go. JSM makes it easier than ever to close that loop on a given task or ticket.

Atlassian also offers a better price point than most of the competition for ITSM tools. Compared to the cost of JSM, the pricing for the competition is like night and day.

In conclusion, companies that are trying to get into the ITSM space will need these tools. And companies that are in the space already can use these new solutions to improve their existing processes, increase productivity, and more.

To learn more about how JSM can help your organization, including detailed resources like whitepapers and case studies, please click here.

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TAGS: News, Atlassian, Atlassian Tools, Jira, Opsgenie, Jira Service Desk, ITSM, Jira Service Management

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