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ITSM Isos Tech June webinars

Watch the replays of Isos Technology and StarCIO June webinar series! We hosted two ITSM-focused webinars you won't want to miss.

Webinar #1: How IT Leaders Can Improve the Agile Service Desk in a Post-COVID World

For CIO and IT Leaders

IT has helped organizations transition to remote work and ensure people's ability to work productively. As businesses evolve in a post-COVID-19 world, there will be a greater need for IT to empower a digital workforce with improved capabilities and service levels, while seeking ways to reduce costs. Hear about successfully transitioning to an agile service desk post COVID-19.



Webinar #2: Improving DevOps Collaboration on Major Incident Resolution and Problem Management

For Agile and DevOps Leaders


It's time to take agile processes and DevOps cultures to operations where major incidents disrupt business, ongoing problems reduce productivity, and both create avoidable stress. Can updated DevOps goals, integrated tools, simple automation, real-time reporting, and a collaborative technology team address gaps in improving recovery times and addressing problem root causes? Hear from agile experts and DevOps leaders who are taking on these challenges so that technology teams can release applications frequently and resolve operational incidents quickly.  



About the Speakers

Isaac Sacolick, Founder and President of StarCIO

Isaac is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Driving Digital: 
The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology, and has written over five hundred articles as a contributing editor at InfoWorld and Social, Agile and Transformation. He keynotes on digital transformation topics and helps business, technology, and digital leaders drive culture, practice, and technology changes.

issac starcio smaller

Isaac Sacolick
Founder and President of StarCIO


 Thad West, CEO Isos Technology
As a Co-Founder and CEO of Isos Technology, Thad West is 
responsible for overall vision, strategy and execution of the business. Thad brings his diverse technology background, business acumen and strong leadership skills to these roles. He has extensive experience in product management, development team leadership, enterprise architecture and business application development.  He has diverse enterprise application experience in a wide range of fields, including finance, health services, insurance, construction and retail technologies. 
 Thad West
CEO Isos Technology

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