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Key Considerations for Agile Service DeskThere is a sea change underway in the world of ITSM, and it centers around the concept of Enterprise Service Management. Enterprise Service Management is the principle that IT service management (ITSM), which was initially intended to serve IT operations, today holds a much broader role, in support of the entire organization and its goals.

As part of this evolution, there has been a growing awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the organizational value of the service desk far beyond that of its humble origins as a ticketing system. With modern, agile, and resilient technology in place, the service desk can serve as a frontline point of customer contact and essential part of the customer experience; a strategic platform for supporting internal business functions; a foundational part of the critical DevOps feedback loop; and an integral tool in the management of unplanned and potentially disruptive events that are so much a part of both the world and business today.

However, many organizations are hampered in their ability to fully embrace the notion of Enterprise Service Management due to aging IT service desk technology that doesn’t support these types of experiences and functionality, regardless of whether they are externally or internally facing. This cultural shift is driving a need for a technological shift. To fulfill their expectations of true Enterprise Service Management, organizations must replace aging, outdated systems.

In our latest whitepaper, we explore the reasons why more organizations than ever are investing in and modernizing the underlying technology that powers their IT service desks.

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In addition, we’ll walk through the following considerations:

  1.  Why your organization should modernize the IT Service Desk
  2.  What to consider when evaluating new IT Service Desk Technology
  3.  Insight into areas that will require special attention 
  4.  How an experienced Atlassian Partner can support a successful IT Service Desk update
  5.  ...and more!

We'll also explore both why it is important to modernize the IT service desk, as well as what key factors to look for when evaluating service desk technology that will support agile and resilient service desk functionality.

Download the Whitepaper

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