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Knowledge is Power, but Collaboration is Power in Action

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The world of Atlassian is HUGE, and man, does it seem to be growing at a stellar pacewith no signs of slowing down anytime soon! The acquisitions of Opsgenie, AgileCraft, Code Barrel, Halp, and Mindville make for an impressive list of tools and vendors being folded into the Atlassian solution offerings, all at top speed. And who knows what's next?

Should we be surprised? No, not really. Atlassian has been clear about their aspirations and commitment to unlocking the power of teams. Case in point, their new messaging is quite expansive: "We're serious about creating amazing products, practices, and open work for all teams."

My main point is that it's a lot to keep up with for anyone. As a top Atlassian Partner, not only is it our job to keep up, it's core to how we operate. Make no mistake, we understand that knowledge is power and collective knowledge requires cultivation. 

In practice, this means that our teams have been diligently set up for collaborative success so we don't have hoops to jump through to leverage the genius of our colleagues and beyond. We are free to create, solve, ideate, debate, and learn from any combination of tool experts, process experts, technical experts, engineering ninjas, sales and licensing beasts, and strategic thinkers.

I've personally "trademarked" this as our Isos Super Secret Sauce, or ISOSSSS™, but to be honest it's not so secret. I want the whole world to know about it because I've seen firsthand the difference it makes in the challenges facing our clients. Not to mention that as a consultant and trainer, there's no fulfillment quite like that which comes from guiding a client through the once unknown or misunderstood to an "aha-light-bulb" moment. These moments  forever change the way organizations tackle a challenge and better enable their teams to kick butt and take names later. It's stupid awesome!

That's why I'm so thrilled to announce that our Training Department, one of our departments that most definitely oozes with ISOSSS™, has recently added four custom curated training courses to boost the knowledge and collaborating powers of your teams. 

Created and inspired by some of the most commonly requested knowledge gaps, our new courses are short, sweet, and to the point, but chock-full of just the right insights for teams looking to bring their Atlassian expertise to the next level. In addition to the Atlassian University Training Catalog, Isos now offers the following courses, which by the way, are fully recordable for redistribution. 

  • Jira Basics for Administrators
  • Jira Basics for Users
  • Become a Jira Search Power User
  • ITSM Meets Agile: Using Jira Service Management & Jira Software Together
  • Confluence for Teams: How to Organize a Wiki So it Stays that Way—Organized (Coming Soon)
  • Long Term Planning Workshop (Coming Soon)

So, I'm curious. How does your organization cultivate knowledge for your teams? How do you keep up with the changing landscape of the Atlassian ecosystem? How do you ensure that your organization and teams are able to leverage the most value from your Atlassian investments? Who is your trusted partner? Who are you collaborating with for acquiring the expert knowledge needed to move forward and take action? 

Contact us today. I'd love to hear how you might sprinkle some ISOSSS™ into your life for the win!

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