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Untitled-22465When a multi-billion dollar healthcare technology company acquired several new businesses, stakeholders across each one were making their own decisions about what their teams would work on and how work would get done. With dozens of teams working on different projects and in different ways,  a significant amount of time and energy was being spent on compiling manual reports for each portfolio and pulling information out of different roadmapping and dependency tools. It was extremely challenging to get a big picture view of performance.

As a result, the company did not have a clear understanding of its investments in products, what people were working on, or how much money was being spent. The company needed to get everyone in the organization focused on the same strategic goals, increase financial agility, and find an easier way to do roll-up reporting.

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The Results

Because the company was already an Isos Technology Managed Services customer and had established a strong working relationship with the team, it chose Isos for its Jira Align implementation as well. Results of the implementation included:

  • Tool standardization and adoption
  • Reduced administration 
  • Identification of dependencies and inconsistencies 
  • Visualization of large-scale trends and metrics
  • And more!

Download our case study below to learn more!

Healthcare Technology Isos Case Study

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