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3 Managed Services Use Cases That Apply to Businesses of All Sizes

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In my previous blog installment, I talked about what's involved with Atlassian Managed Services and how it works. We covered some of the basics, but didn't dig into any specific use cases, so I decided to put together some examples. There are a lot of different scenarios that can play out, but these are some of the more common ones we've seen.

Large Enterprises with Heavy User Engagement (Data Center)

For larger companies running Data Center deployments with several thousand or more active users, the level of effort required to provide quality service is significant. You need to have an effective combination of end-user support, strategic application administration, and reliable system administration to keep the instances up and running. These three areas all require focused effort and skill that the Managed Services team can provide.

In these scenarios, there are situations where the Managed Services team covers all three focus areas, and others where the team specializes in one area based on the client's needs. This allows the team to provide maximum value to the client based on the client's existing support model and services. While in-house staffing is certainly an option, leveraging external Managed Services resources provides huge value through flexible, specialized resourcing with limited overhead. To dig deeper on these dynamics, check out our other article on Contractors vs. Managed Services.


Growing Small Businesses (Cloud)

For new and expanding businesses running on Cloud, the focus for Managed Services is often on build-out and scalability. With Atlassian running the infrastructure, Cloud offers a low barrier of entry that allows organizations to hit the ground running and expand quickly. While there are many features, like Next Gen Projects, that make this even easier, hasty build-outs can significantly impact business in the form of lost time and rework of initial configurations.

Getting the right advice is crucial during this process, and that's where Managed Services provides value. Whether it's consulting and best practice guidance for companies that have the expertise in-house, or hands-on implementation for those that don't, the Managed Services team can help. This is also true for teams that have passed the initial build-out phase and find themselves mired in messy configurations that are slowing them down. Managed Services can help clients resolve the pain points, find new opportunities to extend the tools, and get more out of their teams.


Established Companies Looking for Efficiency (Server)

For organizations in this category, optimization and expertise are key. Most of these clients are running on Server and have been using the tools for some time. They often have some in-house capacity to handle end-user support, but need help solving complicated problems or handling the system infrastructure. This generally means more targeted service with lower volume, but greater expertise. 

Now you might be asking, why am I highlighting Server clients given the recent Atlassian announcement that Server is being discontinued? Well for one, this scenario can be true for companies on Cloud and Data Center with the same dynamics at play. But the main reason I'm focusing on this is the role Managed Services can play in helping these clients chart their future with Atlassian. Whether Cloud or Data Center is the right choice for them in the long term, Managed Services will help guide them through the transition and maintain support all the way through so there's no impact to end users.

These three examples provide valuable insight into the application of Managed Services, but they are by no means exhaustive. There are many variations across companies and the landscape will continue to shift as Atlassian invests in development and growth. No matter what path you take on this journey, Managed Services can help your teams get more out of their Atlassian tools.

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