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Jira Service Desk (JSD) has a lot to offer, including the customer portal, but there are many other components that make it a powerful tool. Here’s a rundown of four great JSD features--Knowledge Base, SLA Calendar, Workflow Status Mapping, and Automation--and how to make the most of them.


Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base (KB) is really more of a Confluence item, but it’s a great feature to use in coordination with JSD. It grants your customers the ability to self service through the search bar.

It also provides a resource for support agents since they can reference KB articles when replying to a customer.

Both options help cut down on tickets, by allowing customers to find answers on their own and providing assistance to service desk agents.


SLA Calendar

SLAs in JSD are great, but the ability to set special calendars makes managing those metrics and SLA timers even easier. Set these calendars up with working hours and holidays so that your team can accurately track against ticket metrics, like time to first response and time to resolution.


Workflow Status Mapping

For projects with more complex workflows, maybe you don’t want the customer to see every step that a ticket goes through, or maybe the steps of a workflow won’t make sense to a customer. That's where Workflow Status Mapping comes in. This workflow mapping feature allows you to rename a status to something that is both customer-friendly and customer-facing.



Automation can be complicated. There are many things that it can do that will benefit your project, but finding the right ones can prove difficult. Transition on Comment is one of the more important things Automation can do. This will allow tickets to auto transition to the appropriate status based on who commented on the ticket. This saves time for service desk agents and it updates a ticket when a customer responds.

There are many more features available (including reports) for JSD, but these are four of the great features that can be initially overlooked when first working on and building a JSD project. Have fun--and build that customer rapport!


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