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Moving Up in the World: What a Career at Isos Technology Means to Me


Untitled-92This is more of a personal blog post, but I think this story showcases what kind of a company Isos Technology is, and for me, it will be a nice thing to look back on as I continue my professional journey here at Isos. When I first joined Isos, I started as a Software Development Engineering Intern (for more info, check out some of my past blogs). During my time in this role, I worked on so many different projects, all focused around the Atlassian tools. Along with my colleagues, Jared and Jaime, I touched just about every internal project Isos has built, and even built a new one from the ground up. In doing so, I have learned so much...arguably more than I've learned in college. 

A few months ago, the Director of Engineering at Isos asked me—of all people—about the idea of becoming Isos' next Junior Atlassian Site Reliability Engineer. I responded with an extremely excited "Yes!" At first this offer baffled me, but in the time since, I've been thinking a lot about this opportunity and what it means to me (because I'm at the ripe old age of 22). Before Isos, every job I'd had before was just that...a job. And while my internship was a huge step toward my future career, I can confidently say, as I'm writing this, that I just started my first real role. 

My experience at Isos has been truly life changing for me, and I'm ecstatic about it all. But more than just excitement, I am also extremely grateful. This company has it all - great people, great culture, and work that makes you feel like you're actually making people's lives easier. When I started studying Computer Science at school, I never thought I would have progressed this far so quickly, but here I am with just a few months left to go, and I've already started my career. All of those long, late nights working on CS projects and Calculus homework now feel worthwhile. 

For some people this blog post may feel a little sappy, but I've only had a few moments in my life where I've been this excited about something this big, and I felt the need to document it. Thanks for sharing in my enthusiasm, and I promise my next blog post will be back to your regularly-scheduled programming (no pun intended).

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