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How Managed Services Can Help Nail Down Your Atlassian Strategy

Managed Services

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez


You've probably heard about Managed Services in the past, although it's commonly misunderstood. Many people think of it as just another team that closes out tickets. Here at Isos Technology, Managed Services does much more than that. In this post, I'd like to shed some light on the strategic consultation that happens as part of our Managed Services offering.

Often, organizations implement their new Atlassian tools without a long-term strategy in mind. The ramifications of simple things like licenses, app purchases, and the creation of custom configurations or integrations aren't taken into consideration. As you can imagine, if the implementation and maintenance of the tools aren't done properly, it can easily become a dumpster fire. 

That's where having a reliable and strategic Managed Services team is crucial. Our team isn't just there to keep the lights on. Our goal is to advise you and provide you with a long-term strategic plan that best suits your organization. Our certified Senior Consultants and engineers start by conducting a health check in your environment. We then identify areas of improvement that include current issues, as well as issues that might arise in the future. Lastly, we collaborate with the organization's stakeholders and create a strategic roadmap to bring the instance(s) into a healthy state for the long haul. 

The work doesn't end there. Our custom-made app called Activity for Jira allows us to keep track of the instance daily and identify areas where we can improve as time goes on. We also spearhead Jira Guilds to ensure the proper decisions are made moving forward. Last but not least, we provide custom training and incident management for the entire Atlassian suite.

To learn more about our Managed Services offering, please get in touch with Isos Technology today!

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