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Experiencing an Outage? Stay In-the-Know with Statuspage

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Being in the know is more important now than ever before. As companies adapt to provide remote access to the applications their employees rely on, outages are going to happen. No, you're not alone, and the struggle is real! Now, when an outage occurs, how you stay updated looks a little bit different than it used to.

Before this change in working environments, when an outage occurred, how did you find out what was going on?

  • Maybe you took a quick trip to your boss' office for updates and answers.
  • Perhaps you still had an old school LAN line and called the IT department for an update.
  • The more likely scenario is you had an awkward "Mr. Wilson" -from-Home-Improvement-style moment with your cubicle neighbor to confirm they were experiencing the same thing you were.

In any case, it was much easier to speak with someone...anyone...to get real-time answers about why you couldn't access the applications that your work depends on.  Of course, this only worked when you were in a physical, "real" office.

Now, there are all kinds of messaging applications to ask questions quickly, but if you can't physically track answers down, how long are you willing to wait for them?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a centralized location for all things application status-related? Atlassian's Statuspage provides just that.

Here are the highlights of what can be done with Statuspage:

  • Incident Templates
  • Third-Party Components
  • ChatOps Integrations
  • API
  • Automation Integrations
  • Status Embed

With Statuspage, you can either be reactive and visit your company's customized status page for more information on downtimes and outages, or be proactive and subscribe to the statuses of the applications you use most. Maybe those highlights don't sound like they'll impact your daily application use. However, in the world we currently live in—where remote working and productivity are still at odds in the minds of some— being in the know can make all the difference.

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