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New! The Complete Guide to Atlassian Managed Services

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Guide to Atlassian Managed Services

More organizations than ever are outsourcing business-critical IT processes like hosting, security, and application management to managed services providers.

Statista forecasts that the global managed services market may exceed $350 billion by 2025, while IDC posits that the COVID-19 pandemic will serve to accelerate the trend. Organizations opt for managed services for many reasons: to better focus on their core competencies, gain workforce flexibility, improve scalability, reduce expenses, and in the case of managed services related to Atlassian tools, access the deep knowledge of a full team of experts that would otherwise be costly and challenging to hire.

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In partnering with managed services providers, organizations stand to reap a multitude of strategic, operational, and financial benefits. However, managed services are not all the same. Finding the right fit is important and organizations must know what to look for.

In this whitepaper, we first explore what managed services are, and what is meant by Atlassian managed services, as well as why organizations choose to work with managed services providers. Then, we take a close look at both the strategic and operational benefits of Atlassian managed services. Lastly, we provide guidance around what organizations should keep top of mind as they look to partner with an Atlassian managed services provider.

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