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WHAT: Atlassian Summit 2014
WHERE: San Jose, CA
WHEN: Sept 9 - 11, 2014
WHY: Join Isos Technology at Atlassian's premier customer event of the year where our team of Platinum Experts will help you ‘Kinect the Dots' between Atlassian's industry-leading tools and solving some of your toughest business and development challenges. Watch for more details coming soon.

Survival in today's tough business environment requires new thinking…  it requires connecting the dots between pressing business problems and game-changing solutions. Visit us at Summit 2014 to learn how we help solve complex issues with masterful Atlassian solutions.

And while you're there, be sure to play our 'Kinect the Dots' game for your chance to win cool prizes including a new Xbox One Game System plus a $200 gift card for buying your favorite Xbox games.


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At Atlassian Summit 2014, Thad West, isos Technology's CEO, will present on how businesses can use HipChat for real-time communication in managing corporate social media accounts. Michael March of isos Technology will also co-present with JP Morgan Chase at Atlassian Summit 2014 to deliver an advanced session on Jira performance testing for large-scale development teams.


  • When: Sept 10, 3:15 PM – 3:35 PM
  • Where: Room 5
  • Track: Collaboration Track - Intermediate
  • Description: Much more than an IM platform, HipChat resolves the fragmentation between tools and teams. In this engaging session, you will learn how to use HipChat to create an effective, responsive distributed social media command center that streamlines communications, improves collaboration, and removes social media tool redundancies.


As a Co-Founder and CEO of isos Technology, Thad West is responsible for overall vision, strategy and execution of the business.

Thad has nearly two decades of experience in technology. He has extensive experience in product management, development team leadership, enterprise architecture and business application development.

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  • When: Sept 11, 2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
  • Where: Room 3
  • Track: Massive Teams - Advanced
  • Description: It's essential to have the right tools to generate, measure, and evaluate load results in order to understand the performance characteristics of critical applications. We'll talk about how by putting together a handful of open source tools, we ended up with a monitoring solution for 20 Jira instances managing over two million issues for over 50,000 users.

bio-mike-thumbMICHAEL MARCH

Michael March brings visionary thinking and practical business experience to his role as Head of Atlassian Services at isos Technology. With a strong, proven track record of forward-thinking solutions to business concerns, Michael March brings invaluable tools for success wherever he goes. This legacy of solution expertise is an asset to all existing and future isos Technology clients.

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bio-ed-thumbEDWARD BUKOSKI

Edward Bukoski, Lead Architect and Vice President, JP Morgan Chase, has 20 years of experience in a number of different domains including defense, e-commerce, and finance in different functional roles including team lead, architect, project manager, and department manager. At JP Morgan Chase, he works on the Developer Collaboration Tools team, providing custom development and support for 50,000 users of on-premise Atlassian software.

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