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As Vice President of Services at Isos Technology, Danny Riley brings a rare combination of software development, technical sales and business development experience to the role. Over the seven-plus years Danny spent as a software engineer, he had direct experience in the architecture and development of enterprise client-server applications and custom mobile development. During the latter part of his career as a software engineer Danny seized on opportunities that brought his career in line with his longer term interests of business development and technical sales. The skills cultivated as a software developer have given Danny a powerful toolset in driving the business development strategy of Isos Technology and meeting the technical needs of clients. Danny's paradigm of smart recruiting provides a comprehensive technical screening to staffing resources using the lens of an experienced software engineer. Danny brings the same skillset to bear when identifying client software solution needs. Danny Riley's unique skillset as a proven software developer and technical sales expert has played a large part in the development of Isos Technology as a successful technical solutions provider and indispensable asset for Isos Technolgy's clients.

Register for Our Webinar: Resilient IT Services for the New Normal

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CIOs and IT teams have never been more critical to their businesses. In this webinar, learn how IT leaders step up and quickly deliver offensive and defensive IT services that enable their businesses to persevere and[...]

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Top News from Atlassian Remote Summit 2020

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Atlassian's most popular and best-attended annual event, Summit, was decidedly different this year. As I mentioned in a previous blog, "What Doesn't Happen in Vegas," the Isos team had a few brief moments of sadness[...]

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Isos Wins Atlassian Partner of the Year 2019: Enterprise!

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We have some incredibly exciting information that we intend to shout from our rooftops...from a respectable, social distancing expanse, of course. We are thrilled to announce that we received the Partner of the Year[...]

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