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Isos Insider - August 2019 - 5 Tips for Scaling Agile in Your Organization

Isos Insider

The Isos Technology team has been practicing Agile for years now. In doing so, we've developed many best practices along the way. One question that we receive frequently from our customers is how to effectively scale Agile as your organization grows. Here are 5 tips that will help you as you embark on this process: 

  1. Consider a prescriptive framework. There are several frameworks that will help you in your quest to scale Agile. You've probably heard of SAFe®, LeSS, and DaD. But what are these exactly, and how will they help you? Read more about them here.
  2. Engage in long-term planning. A little planning goes a long way when it comes to practicing Agile. Make sure that every team in your organization is aware of your company's strategic vision, the plan for resources, and important dates over time. Agile at scale doesn't work unless all teams are working towards the same goals. Read this fantastic blog article for more information on this topic.
  3. Stop, collaborate and listen. A collaborative culture in the workplace is essential for scaling Agile. Harvard Business Review's take on how to establish this type of culture can be read here.
  4. Use the Atlassian toolset. Tools like Jira Align and Portfolio for Jira are designed to help teams scale Agile. There are also several Marketplace Apps that will help organizations as they embark on this initiative.  
  5. Provide custom training. Whatever stage you're at in your Agile journey, at some point you'll need customized training for your teams so that everybody is running in the same direction with their Agile shoes on. Which leads us to...

Our training team has been intricately involved in developing Atlassian's certification criteria for their entire toolset.Truly, there is no one better or more qualified to teach your team about Atlassian. We'll not only instruct you on best practices for the Atlassian toolset, we'll also dive into your business needs and challenges to make the training relevant to you. We offer individual, small and large team sessions and can schedule course delivery online or onsite. For a more detailed look at our training offering or to register for classes, please check out our website.

App Spotlight: Abacus - Jira Calculator

Trust us when we say that Abacus by Mumo Systems is boss. With this helpful and easy-to-use app, you can calculate Jira fields using custom formulas. Not only does Abacus provide a numeric calculator, there is also a user-friendly duration calculator. You can also control the execution of formulas by developing an execution plan. And you'll be able to target specific issues using JQL and more. Best of all, it's available for both Jira Cloud and Jira Server! Check out Abacus' page on the Atlassian Marketplace for more information.

Jacksonville ACE

August 21st
6:00 PM
10375 Centurion Pkwy. North
Suite 120
Jacksonville, FL 32256


Denver ACE

August 21st
6:00 PM
Galvanize - Golden Triangle
1062 Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80204


Orange County ACE

August 20th
5:30 PM
Blizzard Entertainment
Volskaya Lecture Hall (13-147)
16275 Laguna Canyon Road
Irvine, CA 92618


Tampa ACE

August 27th
6:00 PM
Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar
2223 N. West Shore Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33607


Washington, DC ACE

August 22nd
6:00 PM
The American Institute of Architects
1735 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006


Phoenix ACE

September 19th
5:30 PM
Location TBD
Phoenix, AZ


Looking to bring Atlassian to your team or organization? Whether it’s our Fast Track program to address your highest priority items, our Enterprise Rollout for installation and migration, customized training, or license purchases and support, we’re here for you every step of the way as you implement and refine your Atlassian toolset. Please contact me and I will tell you all about how our team of experts can start you on the path to Atlassian perfection!

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