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Isos Insider - December 2019 - 3 Atlassian Tools That Can Help You Plan Your Holidays!

Isos Insider

Last year, we published an article in the Isos Insider about how the Atlassian toolset can help you stay organized at work during this busy holiday season. This year, we're going to take it one step further and give you some ideas about how Atlassian can help you with your personal holiday tasks!

  1. Confluence - Share holiday recipes with family and friends on this easy-to-use collaborative software and knowledge base. You can also post agendas for holiday events and use the calendar feature to stay on top of your busy holiday schedule.
  2. Trello - Shopping for gifts is a breeze if you stay organized, and Trello helps you do just that! See the picture above for an idea of how you can organize your gift list with this user-friendly, visual collaboration tool.
  3. Slack - While not technically an Atlassian tool, Atlassian's strategic partner Slack offers a great chat experience for all. This instant messaging platform can bring family members together all over the globe. Communicate with your relatives in real time about holiday plans, who's bringing the mashed potatoes, and what the dress code is for your weird uncle's Christmas Eve bash.

Over the years, Isos has helped many customers scale Jira, and we’ve learned a few things along the way. For this initiative, organizations will need to have a solid plan for governance, instance configuration, establishing user roles, and training. In this whitepaper, we explore each of these topics and how best to achieve success in your overall quest to scale Jira. Check it out!

App Spotlight of the Month: 2019 Recap

We've featured tons of Marketplace Apps in our newsletter over the last few years. Here are our favorites from 2019:

  1. Jira Workflow Toolbox by Decadis AG - Helps users turn ideas into workflows by using conditions, validators and custom fields.
  2. ProForma: Forms & Custom Fields for Jira by ThinkTilt - Allows users to quickly and easily build checklists and forms in Jira and Jira Service Desk.
  3. Abacus: Jira Calculator by Mumo Systems - A helpful and easy-to-use app that allows you to calculate Jira fields using custom formulas.
  4. Optimizer for Jira by Automation Consultants - Analyzes important components of your Jira environment like Custom Fields, Projects, Issue Types, and more.
  5. Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence by bitvoodo - A handy tool for recurring posts like team meetings, scrum meetings, reviews and more.

Looking to bring Atlassian to your team or organization? Whether it’s our Fast Track program to address your highest priority items, our Enterprise Rollout for installation and migration, customized training, or license purchases and managed-services, we’re here for you every step of the way as you implement and refine your Atlassian toolset. 

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