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Isos Technology Launches Click2clone Atlassian Migration Software

Press Release

(Tempe, Arizona. Nov 13, 2013) – Isos Technology, a leader in enterprise software development, IT recruiting and agile consulting services, announced today its new Jira and Confluence migration software, Click2Clone™.  Click2Clone helps companies migrate to Atlassian software while still maintaining all their historical data and eliminating any disruption to their current processes.

Click2Clone software was developed based on the increasing need for faster, more flexible, and scalable developmentprocesses that agile methodologies like Jira and Confluence help address. By leveraging an unlimited sandbox environment to map and execute the migration activity, clients experience no impact to their production data or workflows. Additionally, Click2Clone replicates Jira and Confluence environments for production to testing scenarios. This helps customers refresh their stage environment from production and provides a backup instance.

As part of the software implementation service, Isos Technology also conducts validation and UAT testing to ensure all data and processes are accurately migrated over and workflows are optimized. The result is a toolset that provides more efficient processes and helps eliminate outdated tools and processes, saving companies time and increasing profitability.

Isos Technology recently provided Click2Clone Atlassian migration servicesfor several customers who are already seeing positive impacts on their business processes and productivity. Examples include:

  • Global Fraud Detection Platform Company– migration and consolidation of Jira instances
  • Regulatory Consulting and Education Firm– migration from TeamTrack to Jira
  • Major California-based University– migration from TeamTrack to Jira

"Our Click2Clone migration services helped several clients update their ineffective technology and enhance their agile development processes by moving to Jira," said Thad West, CEO and co-founder of Isos Technology. "Byenabling quick migrationof their existing data and processes directly into Jira and Confluence, the clients were able to avoid any disruptions or delays with theircurrent development projects."

For more information about Click2Clone, visit the Atlassian Migrations.

About Isos Technology

Isos Technology is a leader in solving complex business, people and technology challenges in software development, mobile and information technology. The company's proprietary people assessment methodology helps find leading engineering talent to drive advanced software and information technology solutions for enterprise clients.The company shares its expertise on the corporate blog as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. For more information, visit www.isostech.com.

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