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Agile at scale is transforming business and development as part of a larger societal change. Agile’s dynamic, time-boxed frameworks go against the grain, resulting in higher team productivity and morale, faster time to market, better quality, alignment of business and IT, and lower risk than traditional approaches can achieve.

Evidently, it has become a dominant software development and delivery methodology that can deliver real business benefits. Despite the growing recognition of its transformational benefits, the consolidation of agile methodologies and tools in large organizations continues to be tricky and challenging.

According to Thad West—a seasoned executive with extensive experience in product management, development team leadership, enterprise architecture, and business application development—with various flavors of Agile (scrum and kanban) being adopted across multiple agile innovation teams in a large organization, the way they work in Agile is not uniform. The challenge boils down to getting these teams to work in a similar agile fashion and toward the same strategic vision, standardizing and achieving a common understanding of Agile within the enterprise, and forming a strong Agile foundation. Set against this backdrop, how do organizations challenged with large, distributed teams enable successful agile development that reflects the same transparency and responsiveness to change?

Isos Technology has the answer—an agile framework for scaling Agile. The quest to scale Agile in large organizations ends with the best-in-class solutions that Isos Technology brings to the table. As a premier Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, Isos navigates organizations in both the private and public sector through scaling Agile, by adopting the Atlassian tools for agile development.

The dynamic team of process experts at Isos crafts custom solutions, integrations, and training for the clients. “With our roots deep in the development world, we understand the pain points that large organizations face while managing their projects. That said, Isos is focused on delivering large-scale enterprise agile solutions. We offer customized training and coaching to maximize the usage of Atlassian tools and build a customized environment to meet clients’ specific organizational needs,” says West, CEO, Isos Technology.

Isos embraces a coaching model in addition to providing curriculum-based training, helping the teams apply what they have learned from the real scenarios in their enterprise. When scaling Agile in organizations with large, distributed teams, West believes that the biggest measure of success is the level of visibility in an organization.

To that end, Isos brings in its finely-honed combination of DevOps, ITSM, and Agile process knowledge, along with their rich Atlassian tool expertise, to help senior-level management in organizations to achieve new levels of visibility, productivity, and collaboration, eliminating time-consuming conversations. The company also assists organizations in unleashing the power of the new Jira Align for scaling Agile at an enterprise level. Jira Align increases visibility amongst teams and accelerates productivity, yielding increased ROI.

We offer customized training and coaching to maximize the usage of Atlassian tools and build a customized environment to meet clients’ specific organizational needs

While there are several prescriptive frameworks—be it Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)—that can be adopted by organizations to scale Agile, Isos helps improve efficiency and scalability at each stage, regardless of the framework or process chosen by the clients. From consolidating Jira instances to enabling migration to the Atlassian cloud, Isos’ custom solutions can meet diverse scaling needs. Besides its custom solutions and training, the company also provides rapid, high-quality Atlassian support and managed services for the ongoing needs of a growing business. These support and managed services allow the Isos team to work proactively with the clients and ensure that they are getting the maximum value out of their tools.

Form an onboarding perspective, Isos follows an in-depth pre-engagement process to discover the client’s needs and other aspects pertaining to product and timeline alignment. This is followed by implementation iterations spanning two to four weeks, whereby the Isos team demonstrates progress, receives feedback, and readjusts the solution as required. Once the solution is live, the company offers post-production support for the next four to six weeks. As a result of the successful implementation, most clients extend their partnership with Isos for long-term managed services engagement where clients can keep growing and scaling the solution.

The uniqueness of Isos stems from its deep bench of engineers that includes not only software development engineers, but also operational engineers who understand how to maintain and work on servers, establish a secure firewall, and more. Added to that, the experts at Isos—from training, coaching, business process, and tool implementation perspectives—cater to a wide array of industries to help solve some of the toughest business problems. That’s not all; custom integrations and partnerships are among Isos’ strongest suits. Besides being a premier Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, Isos is also a strategic Amazon partner, helping clients manage their AWS environment, particularly as it relates to the Atlassian toolset. As an upcoming partnership plan, Isos will be joining the partner program of SAFe, in support of their Atlassian efforts. “There are a lot of businesses that we can win on with the AWS and SAFe partnership that is independent of the Atlassian business,” says West.

Moving forward, Isos will unlock new growth opportunities while adding more capabilities to both framework implementation and coaching services.

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