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CIOs and IT teams have never been more critical to their businesses. In this webinar, learn how IT leaders step up and quickly deliver offensive and defensive IT services that enable their businesses to persevere and thrive during this volatile period. Click here to read more about what you'll learn!





Know Before You Go: Considerations in Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

An overwhelming majority of new Atlassian customers are choosing Cloud...more than 90%! And a recent survey by Atlassian shows that 67% of existing customers plan to migrate to Cloud in the next year or two. This is a huge decision for companies, both large and small, and is driven by a broad range of reasons. We explore some of the most common questions around Atlassian Cloud migration in our most recent whitepaper.

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Seven Reasons Why Jira Cloud is Great for Small Businesses

For most small businesses or companies that are just starting out, there are endless lists and to-do tasks. When the thought of task-tracking software comes to mind...actually, it doesn’t come to mind. This is where Jira Cloud comes in. Jira Cloud is a great tool--and one of the least expensive to purchase--for a small business or startup. The following is a list of seven reasons why...

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Verified Atlassian Government Partner...
Yeah, We Are!

We have been working in the public sector for years. From being on the GSA Schedule 70, to partnering with other primes, we have had our hand in some very interesting Atlassian public sector projects. So when Atlassian announced that they were putting extra rigor around working in the public sector, we were thrilled. Other than having a fancy new badge to pair with our 2019 Partner of the Year: Enterprise badge (sorry, I couldn't resist, we are very proud of that distinction...), here's what it means for those in the public sector.

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Make Way for SIL, the Simple Way to Trigger Custom Notifications in Jira

If you've been using Groovy to trigger custom notifications in Jira, things are about to get a whole lot simpler. With Simple Issue Language, or SIL™ for short, what may have taken half a dozen lines of code to write with Groovy, can now be accomplished with only a single line. In this post, I'll walk you through what SIL is, how it works, and how to set it up to trigger a custom notification.

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App Spotlight of the Month: Better Search for Confluence

Every once in a while, we feel compelled to spotlight one of our apps in this section of our newsletter. While we may be a tiny bit biased, we really do think that our Better Search for Confluence is an amazing and useful app! It enhances the search function within Confluence by searching only within categories set up by the administrator. Admins can also vastly improve search results by configuring exactly what type of content is returned in search results, including relevant pages, blog posts, attachments, and spaces. This is especially useful for large companies that have extensive Confluence libraries.

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Trust Isos for All of Your Atlassian Needs!

Looking to bring Atlassian to your team or organization? Whether it’s our Fast Track program to address your highest priority items, our Enterprise Rollout for installation and migration, customized consulting and training, or license purchases and managed services, we’re here for you every step of the way as you implement and refine your Atlassian toolset. Please contact me and I will tell you all about how our team of experts can start you on the path to Atlassian perfection!



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