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Take CSAT Surveys to the Next Level with Surveys for Jira

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In my previous blog posts, I discussed the importance of customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) in relation to ensuring your ITSM processes are providing value to your customers, as well as how to measure CSAT with Jira Service Desk. I then walked you through how to gather CSAT survey responses via Google Forms in Jira post functions. In this post, I'll show you a way to collect custom and enhanced CSAT surveys WITHIN Jira--or even JSD--without the use of Google Forms. 


As we all know, Jira Software doesn't provide out-of-the-box methods for gathering CSAT scores since it isn't necessarily meant for customer request processing. This is why Jira Service Desk was developed as an additional application to go hand-in-hand with Jira Software. For those of you who have some use cases for gathering CSAT metrics in Jira, it can be painful to go the Google Form route since it isn't highly customizable, and all data is collected and visualized/evaluated outside of the Jira system itself. 


Enter Surveys for Jira! This app, developed by Cprime, is available for Cloud, Server, and Data Center Jira Software instances. It is both highly rated and lightweight, and pricing is within an acceptable range. With Surveys for Jira you can send, aggregate and analyze survey data based on the quality of the support received by customers. You can customize and brand your surveys, manage permissions, add automation based on survey results, and more. Another cool thing is that the app works for Jira Software AND Jira Service Desk, enabling you to leverage both internal surveys for company employees and external ones for your customers.


Let's take a look at two huge benefits of using this app and how it can help you get the survey data you need to satisfy the CSAT portion of your ITSM process.


Benefit #1: Configurability, Automation, Customization, and Ease of Use

This app allows for some seriously custom CSAT surveys--here are a few cool things you can do with Surveys for Jira:

  • Create unlimited survey questions of any type
  • Modify the rating scales using either stars or numbers
  • Apply corporate branding
  • Get analytics on customer satisfaction
  • Add various trigger points that trigger your survey to be sent out
  • Send surveys to single users, mutiple recipients or groups
  • Define the level of access to a survey

I especially like that you can set up survey rules for automatic surveys, or trigger surveys manually at any time.


You can also take your surveys to the next level with SIL scripting, as well as add any automation you need based on survey results. This allows you to automatically assign, transition, comment on, and create tickets. Did I mention these surveys are quick and easy to use? In one click, you can get a survey that has all data pre-populated. These surveys can literally be ready to go in seconds. Below are some screenshots from their marketplace listing to show you what these configurations look like:






Benefit #2: Reporting

Surveys for Jira not only allows for easy-to-use, highly configurable, automated surveys, but it also provides great ways to visualize and report on these CSAT metrics, as well. For those of you wondering why you would get this if you already have Jira Service Desk, this would be why: JSD's reporting and visualizations of CSAT data is extremely limited. Surveys for Jira allows you to view main stats on a survey dashboard, measure average rating dynamics, and drill down to detailed survey results in an exportable Custom Table Report, enabling you to analyze all aggregated survey data in one place!


If you're looking for a quick health check on CSAT, you can get analytics on your support team's quality with a survey dashboard providing the customer satisfaction metrics and visual rating reports as shown below from the marketplace listing:





If you'd like to drill down to detailed survey results in an exportable Custom Table Report, then check out the Custom Table Report shown below from the marketplace listing:





As you can already see, this provides a ton more variety in visualizing our CSAT data than JSD and can help better inform our support processes because of that fact.


Surveys for Jira...The Best Route to Go!

Using Surveys for Jira, you can gather CSAT scores in Jira (OR JSD!) and be able to report on and analyze them within Jira. You will also be able to customize, automate, and configure the surveys to your heart's desire. Now, the one downside to the method we've outlined here is, of course, that it is a paid app. Your team and organization will have to do some cost-benefit analysis to determine if it is the proper solution for your needs, but if you do need CSAT surveys in Jira, this is likely the best route to go! If you are interested in acquiring this app, just submit a request to Isos Technology for a quote. As partners, we can take care of your licensing needs at no cost to you! 


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