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Now Available: 4 New Atlassian Tools Training Courses

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Here's a scenario for you. You're a CIO or IT Director who has recently purchased Jira, Confluence, or Jira Service Desk—or some combination of all three—for your organization. Maybe you bought them because your organization's development team and/or IT team plan to make use of these robust Atlassian tools. Or maybe some of your business teams—like Sales, Marketing, HR and Accounting—might even join in on the fun and use the tools to increase productivity and efficiency for their teams.

Some employees might have already started experimenting with the features and functionality of Jira or Confluence. Others may be terrified to even open the tools without having expert guidance. One thing is for sure...YOU certainly do not have the bandwidth or resources to train each and every team in the organization on the key features of—and best practices for—this new Atlassian toolset, especially since each department might use the tools for their own unique projects and needs.

So does this sound like you? Or maybe a teammate of yours? The good news is that Isos Technology is here to help! In fact, we've just launched four brand-new training courses that are ideal for teams who are looking for guided instruction by experienced Atlassian practitioners. Best of all, we offer this information in a concise and straightforward way.

Here's a quick overview of our new Atlassian tools training courses:


Jira Basics for Users

This course is perfect for new Jira users (both Cloud and Data Center). We know you don’t want to sit on Zoom all day, so our live, two-hour training session is a comprehensive, yet concise, deep dive into the basics of using Jira as a member of a Jira project team. It includes introductions of core concepts and demonstrations of features to help new users get comfortable and productive so they can begin using Jira right away to organize work, collaborate, and track work to completion. 

Fundamentals of project management with Jira, and the Agile principles "built into" Jira Software are very lightly covered.

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Jira Basics for Admins 

This two-hour class is designed to help you ramp up team members who are new to Jira administration, especially individuals who are learning Jira Administration while doing it. Our live training course is a comprehensive, yet concise, deep dive into setting up a project in Jira. We’ve honed in on the key topics to get you oriented so you can effectively administer Jira project configurations for all your teams. We’ll address common settings for both Cloud and Server, exploring the differences between these deployment options and how they might impact administrators.

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Become a Jira Search Power User

Proficiency in Jira search will enable anyone who uses Jira to improve visibility and productivity for their teams. This four-hour class ensures all your team members can spend more time innovating and solving customer problems, and less time looking for Jira issues. In this class, we will discuss the various ways to search for issues in Jira including Jira - Quick Search, Basic Search, and Advanced Search (JQL), as well as saving and sharing searches, and effectively using filters and JQL in other parts of Jira applications. 

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ITSM Meets Agile: Using Jira Service Desk & Jira Software Together

Jira Service Desk provides a powerful SLA-driven way of organizing, collaborating on, and tracking completion of customer support requests. Many times, those support requests result in new work for teams working on projects. In this four-hour class, we use the very popular, best practice-based Jira Project configurations for IT Support (ITSM) and Scrum (Agile) Project configurations as examples of how teams can work together to deliver support in a quick and efficient way.

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Don't See a Course that Fits Your Exact Needs? 

That's okay, we also offer customized training, as well as Atlassian University training. Get in touch with us today and we'll carve out a training plan that specifically addresses your organizations' needs and requirements. We hope to hear from you soon!


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