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Our Journey to Summit 2019 - 5 Tips for a Successful Event

If you're a member of a marketing team within the Atlassian ecosystem, you know full well that...

22 Apr, 2019

How to Isolate the Cause of a Problem Using the Rule of Halves

In the business of managed services, time is always of the essence. Companies rely on their...

18 Apr, 2019

Atlassian Community Fun

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

9 Apr, 2019

Jira Automation Report: 'Email Handled within 2 Days'

Sometimes, even with Advanced JQL in a Jira search, the data you need just isn't available. I...

2 Apr, 2019

Jira Server + Oracle + Docker in 15 Minutes


With its Cloud and server offerings, Atlassian is world famous for making their...

28 Mar, 2019
Atlassian Tools

The Power Couple: Jira & Trello

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Many of us use Kanban and Scrum Boards with our Jira projects. The...

7 Mar, 2019

Beyond Essential SAFe: Using Portfolio for Jira at the Portfolio and Large Solution Levels

28 Feb, 2019

Staying Connected with Remote Peeps

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Remote working is often thought of like the power lace shoes from...

26 Feb, 2019

Under a Magnifying Glass

For those of you who attended our Stay SAFe with Jira webinar yesterday, I would like to thank you...

14 Feb, 2019

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