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A How-to on Effectively Using Queues in Jira Service Management

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Queues in Jira Service Management (JSM) are a great way to bucket issues, helping to put the work in front of the right person to address the need at hand quickly. Building a queue is as easy as a good JQL statement.

Recently, queue management has taken a turn for the better. Often, larger teams may find a long, long list of queues to get to their work. When you have critical queues, or just one or two that you need to focus on, the new Queue Management is a fresh approach to help the team focus on what matters to them.

There are now three groups where a queue can be assigned:  

  1. Team Priority - every queue in this group displays all the time to every agent; a project admin sets this
  2. Other - the queues in this group typically do not need immediate attention; a project admin sets this
  3. Starred - Mousing over the items count for a queue, shows the star. Click, and you toggle on the queue, placing it in the top start list for that agent. 


To set create and arrange queues to either "team priority" or "other," follow these steps:

  1. Browse to your service project, and go to Queues.
  2. Select: "Manage queues" at the bottom of the left menu.

    2Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 4.18.59 PM
  3. Drag and drop the queues between the two groups: "team priority" and "other."

  4. Ordering the queues within their group is as easy as dragging the queue to the preferred order.

  5. Select "Close" when done arranging the queues.


It is possible to arrange queues between the groups while editing the queue also:

  1. Browse to a queue, and select Edit queue from the top-right corner ellipses menu.

  2. Select the "Add to Team priority" checkbox to add the queue to the "team priority" group. If not selected, the queue will appear in the "other" group.

  3. After the edits are completed, select "Save" to apply your changes.

To learn more about how to effectively use queues inside Jira Service Management, reach out to us today! 

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TAGS: Atlassian Tools, ITSM, Jira Service Management

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