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My grandfather was a farmer, and his property was out in the middle of nowhere, so it was crucial for him to have the right tools to do his job successfully. If he was baling hay on the back forty and his tractor broke down, he needed the right equipment on hand to fix it. Having the right tools for the job is essential in every profession, including mine - recruiting! In this post, I'll share a couple of my favorite third-party recruiting tools.

When joining Isos Technology, I was excited to be a part of a company that was growing in numbers and looking to build a strategy to keep up with that growth. Processes and workflows were created that were very effective, but I found a couple new, third-party recruiting tools to be particularly powerful:


LinkedIn Recruiter Allows for Targeted Searches

LinkedIn Recruiter has expanded our ability to quickly source and reach out to strong candidates, and it has led to many exciting new hires! LinkedIn Recruiter allows us to easily message and see which candidates are open to opportunities and serves as another platform where we can post our open positions. We are also able to conduct more targeted searches in order to find individuals that possess the skills we need for each role. Ultimately, it allows us to save time.


Try Canvas as a Diversity Recruiting Platform

Canvas is the newest tool in our toolbox. It is considered one of the best diversity recruiting platforms and will serve as another outlet to help us source and find great talent. We will be able to conduct more defined and targeted searches and have an unlimited amount of job posting slots which will give us the opportunity to have more outreach to job searchers. Canvas will be a great addition for our 2022 recruitment vision. 

Farmers like my grandfather have a vision for how they would like to develop their land. A farmer’s tools can make or break their success, and the more tools that they have can lead to more opportunity to get the job done.

Similarly, every company should have a vision for how they will develop their team. It may take time, but with this growing set of recruiting tools, and with a focus on Isos Technology’s core values, we can more effectively build a team that will drive growth for the company. 

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