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Let’s face it...everything is disrupted right now. COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down. Every newscast brings anxiety. We all are missing our family and friends. Even my dog doesn’t understand why we are avoiding getting close to friends that we pass while on our walks. It’s bad when the dog is confused!

I have worked remotely for years, and not many people have ever been too interested in the subject. Of course, the first reaction to learning I work from home is how great it must be to lounge around in my underwear, eating cheese, while pretending to work all day. But that’s where the conversation about it typically stops, once I confirm that I do indeed wear pants. Now that many people I know have joined the remote workforce, I’m getting all kinds of questions. So to save time, I’m skipping putting down the questions and just providing my most common answers:

  • Get Slack for your team. If you don’t know what it is, go look it up.
  • Yes, you need a real office chair. Your back will continue to hurt if you keep sitting in the folding camping chair that you use at your child’s soccer games.
  • Use Trello so your team can keep track of their priorities and goals.
  • Invest in a good noise-cancelling headset. Not only will it help you focus on work, but you won’t have to listen to your kids fighting over the last chicken nugget. Again.
  • Set up virtual lunches, happy hours, game nights, or book clubs with your coworkers. It may not be just like a water cooler conversation, but it will bring fun into your day.
  • Your IT department needs Jira Service Desk. So do your Customer Support and HR teams. And I know just the perfect resource to help you implement it.

Hopefully, my suggestions will help you--as it says on our website--“achieve new levels of visibility, productivity, and collaboration.”

Remember, you’ve got this. Maybe not right now, but there’s always tomorrow.


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