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Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez


How many times have you opened a new Confluence page and just stared at it? There's so much information to write down, and between formatting the page and writing all the words, it can all get very frustrating and overwhelming. I've been there. I understand.

But, like I once heard my Army sergeant say, "let's not reinvent the wheel." Why not rely on a template or two when you're stuck on how to format and create a Confluence page? 

Here are three Confluence Cloud templates that I regularly use. Each of these save me a ton of time when I'm busy and need to churn out content quickly and easily:

Meeting Notes

This is by far my favorite and most-used template. Every time I have a check-in with a client, I open the meeting notes template. There isn't much prep needed on my end and I have the ability to start typing right away. My favorite part about the template is the Action Items and Decisions section. Every meeting should end with some type of takeaway or next steps. Instead of having to decipher my regular notes, the template makes it easy for me to find the information I need and plan my next steps.  


Incident Postmortem

For some of my clients, it all starts with an Opsgenie Alert letting them and us know Jira is down, and then it concludes with a root cause analysis (RCA) of what happened. Once services are restored, I typically discuss the issue with one of the engineers on our team. We start off by using the incident postmortem template. Everything you can think of, as an Atlassian Administrator, is already on the template. Again, this template offers huge time savings when I'm in a crunch. I'm able to schedule some time with the team, and we have the ability to jump right in. After completing the incident postmortem, I can then discuss the sequence of events with our client and provide them with our recommendations. 


Capacity Planning

Whenever we have large initiatives going on, like migrations or upgrades, it's very important for us to organize our resources and understand who is playing what role. This is crucial when we are working with cross-functioning teams, like system administrators and infrastructure teams, as they all complete different parts of the puzzle. I recommend filling out the capacity planning template as a team. That way, each person is responsible and accountable for their responsibilities. This also allows team members the space to present any conflicts with the plan.


This is just a shortlist of my favorite Confluence templates in Cloud. I recommend taking a look at the vast directory of templates Atlassian has on their website. And don't forget to check us out under the Partner category! Isos Technology has a business plan one-pager template to highlight your companies' medium- and long-term goals. 


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