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Here's Everything You Need to Know about Becoming a Jira Administrator


Along your Atlassian journey, there may come a time when a dedicated Jira administrator or team of administrators becomes necessary or beneficial to your organization. Maybe an official Jira Administrator role is being created or the administration of Jira is being delegated to a specific team or individual. Perhaps another Jira administrator is being added to your existing team. Heck, maybe you are the person your company has decided to give these responsibilities to! Or, maybe you just want to be able to administer Jira because you're as passionate about the product, as we are here at Isos Technology.

Whatever the case, in this blog post, I'll run through the best options for training  to become a Jira Administrator, starting with where to get the basics, all the way through to a full-on path to certification.

Let's get started!

Jira Admin Basics

To get started, you'll want to focus first on being able to effectively administer Jira project configurations for all your teams. You'll want a lightweight but effective offering that can orient you to being a Jira administrator, including all of the fundamentals and most common activities you'll need to perform.

We've seen this exact need come up for so many of our clients that we actually crafted a course for this sole purpose! Our two-hour Jira Admin Basics course is designed to help you ramp up team members (up to 10!) who are new to Jira administration, especially individuals who are learning Jira admin while doing it. You can learn more about our Jira Admin Basics course here.

During your Jira Admin Basics course with Isos, our team of Atlassian experts will teach you what you need to know, quickly and efficiently. We'll guide you through the fundamentals of Jira, with best practices top of mind. After the course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain what Jira is and how it will benefit your organization
  • Configure Jira issue types 
  • Understand basic workflows
  • Configure screens and transition screens
  • Help set up Kanban and scrum boards for users
  • Search for issues using basic search - find the JQL that drives it

You can check out the full suite of Isos training offerings here, which also includes courses on Jira Basics for End Users, Using Jira Service Desk, and more!


Path to Certification

After completing the Jira Admin Basics course with Isos Technology, you'll want to start taking on some lower Tier requests, getting your hands dirty and putting what you've learned into practice. Any fellow admin will tell you that hands on exploration and experimentation is crucial to solidifying your skills.

The next step in your progression as a Jira Administrator is to start taking some more in-depth courses that will dive into higher Tier work like manipulating workflows, field configurations, schemes, and similarly advanced administration tasks. Atlassian offers in-depth courses exactly for this purpose. Not only that, these courses also count towards certification requirements. So, while you may decide not to proceed all the way to certification, the courses will still count if you want to pursue it down the line. What I also love about the courses is that they include hands-on labs, which are crucial for learning and developing your administration skills.

Now, let's take a look at the Atlassian University course lineup for Jira Administrators and the path to certification. For each of these courses, you will see different delivery and pricing options, so choose whichever learning method and budget works best for you and your organization!


Course 1: Jira Administration Part 1

In this course, you'll learn how to set up a new Atlassian Cloud site and Jira Cloud products. You'll get hands-on experience performing both site and Jira administration. Topics include a solid introduction to site user management and product access, as well as the following areas of Jira administration: global and project permissions, project roles, schemes, and the configuration of issue types, workflows, and screens. You'll practice configuring both classic and next-gen projects.

More information can be found here


Course 2: Jira Administration Part 2

This course explores more complex schemes, more workflow configuration, as well as board and sprint permissions for classic projects. The course is structured around a case study where an organization creates a set of configurations and schemes to apply to new and in-progress, classic projects. Real world examples and best practices are emphasized.

More information can be found here.


Course 3: Jira Admin Certification Prep Course

This course provides an in-depth review of every exam topic and subtopic from the people who wrote the certification exam. The course includes many examples of best practices, as well as discussions about them. It will help you clearly identify your knowledge gaps and formulate your study plan.

There are also some valuable additional resources included with the course:

  • Practice exam questions with explanations
  • Lab challenge exercises that come with 72 hours of consecutive access to your own lab environment

More information can be found here.

After taking the above classes and practicing your skills, you'll not only be a pretty advanced Administrator, but you will also be fully prepared to take your certification exam!

Contact Isos Technology today to get started with our Jira Admin Basics course. We can help create a custom learning path for your specific needs and provide you the best options to get you to your Atlassian end goal! 

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