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Introduction to YUI3 Development

Software Development, User Experience, Software Solutions

By Thomas Behlau

On November 9th the Chandler-Gilbert Community College held on of this years Desert Code Camp. I presented a short application development talk introducing UI development using YUI3. There is always a big discussion around the JavaScript libraries you should use including the pros and cons of each, why you should use one over the other and so forth.

Working as a contractor you usually have to work in an established environment which usually takes your choice away. You have to work with the framework the customer chooses and, in most cases, you will have to go with it. In my case, YUI3 was picked to develop a rich UI that included lots of Ajax operations.
The presentation will not give you all the details on the entire YUI3, but it will show:

  • How to setup YUI3
  • How to manipulate DOM nodes
  • Create a data table and manipulate the data dynamically using a data source.
  • Using Models and ModelLists to synchronize data between the javascript client and the server.
  • Structure your code in modules for better reusability.
  • Create menus and widgets.

The slides can be found here: Rich Web UIs with YUI3
I hope you will find the slides useful, and will start looking at YUI3 as a valid alternative to other JavaScript frameworks.

TAGS: Software Development, User Experience, Software Solutions

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