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By JoJo Salazar

We were sponsors yet again this year at Agile Arizona!

Agile Arizona is the Southwest’s one-day regional Agile Conference that brings together passionate people, great ideas, and industry best practices. Attendance this year was 500+ strong!

Presentations focused on the benefit behind Agile to uncover ways that everyone can work together to overcome challenges.  The adoption of Agile has led to success rates in software development, added quality and speed to the market and boosted moral, motivation and productivity of IT teams.  Companies all around the globe are benefiting from the Agile approach. While tools are important, people are more important. The process is made by people with feelings, bodies, and thoughts.

An Agile organization understands that it is in a constant flux to exploit new opportunities and add value and purpose. Forget about the traditional business model...Agile recognizes that a certain amount of autonomy must be given and encouraged to promote invocation and add value. Rather than relying on top-down directives, open interactive conversations are far more valuable.

A big part of Agile is to dive in. It's about doing as opposed to being paralyzed by over-planning. At Isos Technology, employees are encouraged to focus on the company culture and mindsets when going about a project. We rise by lifting others.

"Agile realizes that the key to success is not to do more work faster. The key is to be smarter by generating more value from less work and delivering it sooner." -Senior Isos Atlassian Expert, Larry Cummings

All in all, the Agile mindset believes that we are "ALL" a work in progress. Sometimes we fail and sometimes we fail again. However, we continue to improve. We use retrospectives to learn about what could have gone better and pat ourselves on the back for what did go well. Agile never gets stale because those who adopt it are fueled and crave for more.

Agile Arizona this year was full of insight, inspiration and networking. We were so happy to meet all of you!  It's exciting to see so many using the Atlassian tools or interested in the power of them!

Check out some of the highlights below, and don't forget, we're here for all of your Atlassian needs! We're here,  ready to  dive in and take on any challenges you may be expierences. Let's get to the bottom and find solutions to pain-points and tailor the Atlassian suite to your organizations needs.

...2020 we're come for you!

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