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One Platform to Rule (er…Integrate) them all

Software Development, Portal, Software Solutions

The larger the enterprise, the more technology and systems exist. They all grew from well-meaning development teams aggressively trying to solve business problems, generally the reason we IT groups exist. The problem is that over time there can be a fragmentation of technology resulting in several issues:

  • A larger footprint in an expensive data center to handle the various technologies.
  • The operations team(s) now needing to support all of these different technologies, sometimes requiring many different skill sets.
  • There is very little synergy (that's right, I said it!) between development teams. Sharing code, best practices and even resources becomes much harder, if not impossible.

The list goes on and on, but if the problem is ignored the cost of solving it becomes much higher. Enter the Liferay portal platform, a JSR-286 compliant enterprise server with the ability to run all of your Java portlet applications, an advanced web content management system (CMS) and much, much more.
Here at Isos, we are not only Liferay partners, we run our infrastructure on the platform as well. Since Isos began as a company in 2005 we have been working with enterprise Java portals. We have delivered applications on all of the major portal platforms, but Liferay is our favorite. Unlike the other portal vendors who make dozens of other products and hardware, Liferay has a single focus...their portal. This focus has resulted in a top-tier, low-cost, easy-to-use platform.
If you are looking to get started with Liferay and you want to know how it can help your organization, let us show you. If you are already sold on Liferay and want to get technical, check out some of our Liferay blogs:

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TAGS: Software Development, Portal, Software Solutions

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