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By Christian Goetzman

Making a site SEO friendly is all about quality content and keyword research. Writing content around your targeted keywords, not just weaving keywords in, and then building high ranking links to that content is the goal. Not to trivialize the amount of potential work this can be, especially for a large site, but these are the basic tasks of SEO. With them comes other time consuming sub-tasks such as fixing crawling or indexing errors and link-building, which is often a full time job.

Last month I wrote Google SEO: What Does it Mean to Me and now that you are hands-on in the process of writing your own high quality content, I'll give you some of the isos SEO strategy. Search Optimization is an ever evolving process where the target is constantly moving and, again, the online advice is never ending.  Although I am participating in this abundance of opinion, I aim for the most important of all steps... the first one. No other search marketing tactic will have a larger effect than simply beginning to analyze your content for search engine optimization. As I mentioned in my last article, there are varying levels of complexity in an SEO strategy and I am focusing on the most fundamental of these levels. I find this the most effective because many of the higher levels involve tactics that are constantly being rendered obsolete by the changes to Google’s search algorithm.

If you are not familiar with these, SEOMoz keeps a running list of Google algorithm changes with explanations of what each change will affect. To sum it all up, Google is constantly working to eliminate the schemes that SEO practitioners use to rank higher in search results. It is no secret that Google wants advertisers to use AdWords so that Google can make more money. This is why the natural or organic portion of search is full of informational content. The end result for SEO is that the fundamental idea of quality content is the best way to rank for a given keyword or phrase. If you do a little research and target a keyword that is not overly competitive you can write an article that is focused on your target. Adding other content types that link to your article like video or slide shows will only improve your optimization toward targeted keywords and provide that all-important currency of Google...link juice.

Below is a breakdown of the fundamentals of SEO. Be sure to post any questions or comments and subscribe to my blog because next time I’ll dig a little deeper into Link-Juice.





Keyword- Research

  • Page Title tags

  • H1 header tags

  • Link Anchor txt

  • Meta tags

  • Image Alt tags

Keyword Optimize

  • Results Drive Change

  • New URL’s

  • New Copy

    • Bold keywords

    • Link keywords

Linkbacks-90 day cycle

  • Sitemap Submission

  • Directories

    • DMOZ

    • Yelp

    • Turnpike

  • Search Engine Submission

Link Building

  • Video (Screen Shares & how to are great)

  • PR & Online Article Sub (Mega Juice!!!)

  • Partners

  • Social Strategy

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