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The "Ride-a-Bike-for-Lunch" Development Process

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At isōs Technology we take our process automation expertise very seriously. Our clients aren't the only ones that benefit from this company pillar. The only way that all of us at isōs can be such evangelists is if we all use it ourselves on a daily basis. I was thinking about this the other day and I realized just how well our process automation ideals work.

Stressed, Sick and Nearly Dead

At a previous employer, I was constantly stressed and frantic. I would be up late and kill a lot of my weekends working. I was scared of something going wrong, I was tired all the time, my health was diminishing and I had little time to spend with my daughter.
The biggest thing that stressed me out (and probably took up 30% of my time) was planning and prioritization. I would get a dump of all these tasks that needed to be done and I'd dive in and work through them the best that I could. In switching tasks, I might freak out because I didn't know what needed to be done first... Most of the time they all needed to be done right away, in my mind.
There was nothing to set the expectations of the person giving the tasks. There was also nothing that allowed me to portray my estimated effort in completing a task. It was always , "here's your 82 tasks, go ahead and press your 82 buttons and have it to me tomorrow. (Psst. I know you can really do that in less than an hour without a hitch.)"
I was lucky if I actually took a lunch. There's only so far a diet of leftover Halloween candy and Monster can sustain a guy. Dinner was usually fast food.

Rapid Application Development

...is a joke. It's an excuse for someone to pride themselves into being able to stand above you and threaten you with your job until you get your pile done right, rather than sit down and think about it the first time and throughout. Maybe I got a skewed representation of that. Something that works a lot better... a solid agile development process with constant planning.

Time for Lunch

So now that I've been working at isōs for some time, I've realized there's a certain freedom that has been given to my mind. I have a clear understanding of my work as well as my home life. I've personally expanded my knowledge so much more in the past two years than in the six at that previous employer I spoke about.
I feel that I accomplish tasks a lot more quickly and steadily and have a better quality of work. I don't just make things that hit the deadlines and suffice. I'm always trying to toss in some little extra awesome factor because I'm proud of my work.
As for my newfound health: Freeing my mind from constantly worrying and powering through stuff has actually allowed me to commit to eating healthier at work and to riding a bike at lunch. Not only that, I also eat healthier and exercise at home as well... with my daughter, who's all about helping me stay healthy.
Before, I was lucky if I actually took a lunch and dinner was usually fast food. As I said earlier, there's only so far a diet of leftover Halloween candy and Monster can sustain a guy.

isōs Process Automation Expertise

Not meaning to sound too sales-y or to toot my own horn: What we do here at isōs works, and it works tremendously well. So if you think your current processes need some work, talk to an isōs consultant... and buy a good bike.

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