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By Grant Gerritzen

As we probably all know by now, it is standard to see a rapid growth in trends and techniques in this age of technology we live in. Although some of it is amazing - along with some of it being useless - the bottom line is that our needs are often embedded into a continual appetite wanting to see the next "big thing". With that being said, however, sometimes someone will absolutely nail it! Apple pulls through on this one with their new visual implementation and importance of the Retina Display.

Having a history in Graphic Design, and now with a few years under my belt in Web Design, I feel a true appreciation for this progress in advanced screen resolution. Although not industry -standard at the moment because of proprietary rights are currently held by Apple, it would be interesting to revisit this topic a year from now as visual appeal seems to finally be heading in the right direction. Is this just another gimmick, or is this really the future?

On the flip side of its greatness, nothing new seems to come about without glitches. The one downfall noticed right away has been the lack of integration with many unsupported applications. Using these older apps on a retina display may appear very blurry, and at times scroll performance can be a bit sluggish. Regardless, as a person who builds and designs for the Web, this is huge breath of fresh air which brings high hopes to the ultimate demise of the standard 72 dpi density environment that has always been so painful to work in. Cheers... to a bright future!

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