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10 Ways to Retain & Motivate Employees in 2021


Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Untitled-879It's no secret that employees are ultimately what create and perpetuate an organization's culture. While much of the focus is on how companies can bring in the best talent, retaining that talent is often left at the wayside. Recruiting great employees is awesome, but what happens when you aren’t nurturing or engaging them? When this occurs, organizations have to confront high turnover rates and low employee satisfaction scores.

At Isos Technology, both our employees and our values (shown below) shape our culture. We use these values every day in client and peer interactions, and also rely on them as a standard to keep ourselves accountable. 



Here’s are ten ways Isos Technology creates a flexible, collaborative, and open company culture, which in turn leads to employee retention and satisfaction.


1:1 Meetings

Each member of Isos Technology meets with their direct manager, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This is an excellent opportunity for managers to communicate, coach, and mentor their employees. And it's also a great occasion to take a break from the daily grind and catch up on a personal level.


Weekly Check-ins

Isos Technology leverages the powerful performance tool 15Five for weekly check ins, 1 on 1’s, Best Self Reviews, Objectives, Reporting, and more. If you're not familiar with 15Five, I suggest you check it out. It's a fantastic way to engage employees, develop successful managers, and drive performance.


Frequent Departmental Meetings

Each department at Isos Technology meets weekly or bi-weekly to discuss new ideas, initiatives, bottlenecks, and OKR’s. We recently implemented EOS and now utilize the L10 framework for departmental meetings. This framework enables the team to stay focused on important priorities, holds team members accountable, and allows discussion of important issues. Every single employee has a chance to ask questions, bring up issues, and communicate with team members in these meetings.


Quarterly 1:1s with C-Suite Leaders

Regardless of your position at Isos, all the employees—from interns to directors—meet with C-Suite leaders on a quarterly basis to discuss their experience at the company (both the good and the bad...), give feedback on issues, and cultivate a positive working relationship.


DISC Assessments for Everybody

Every single employee at Isos Technology takes a DiSC assessment during the onboarding process at the company. If you haven't heard of DiSC, it is a personality and behavioral assessment tool used by over a million people. It breaks down personalities into four categories and gives suggestions and solutions for working with others who have different personality types from you. Isos leverages these assessments as a way to understand how we can all work together. Let’s face it, we are not all the same so we have to be flexible, understanding, compassionate, and collaborative with each other.


"Rejubilation" Day

This is a special Isos holiday that we celebrate once a year. We take this day as an opportunity to collaborate, clean up our desks, tidy our Confluence spaces, and work on any projects as a team that we've been wanting to do, but just haven't had time for. It's a great chance to cross-collaborate with other departments on all different types of projects. Last year, we even created a Trello board where all projects were tracked. We  also hosted a contest where employees voted on their favorite improvement project, and awarded money to the winning team.


Social Gatherings

Isos Technology is known for their parties! In the past, we've done everything from axe throwing to baseball games to Top Golf to escape rooms. During the COVID pandemic we obviously had to shift gears, but we kept the fun coming with virtual games and happy hours.


Remote Work 

Isos Technology employees have been working remotely for years now. The prevalent attitude about work at Isos is that employees will accomplish their tasks regardless of where they are. We are focused on outcomes and strive to give our employees the opportunity to deliver from anywhere. This makes it much easier on employees who are juggling their personal obligations with work, and it empowers employees to know that they are trusted and respected.


Open Calendar Policy

If employees want to chat or need help, we have an open calendar policy at Isos. We encourage team members to set time aside with co-workers as needed with no hesitations. Employees are empowered to book time with any member of the company, just as long as they have availability on their calendar.


Virtual Coffee Sessions

Isos Technology uses a great program called Donut to introduce employees to each other via direct messages, and encourage them to meet virtually. Donut integrates with Slack and randomly picks employees to meet for 1:1s. It's a quick and easy way to chat with fellow co-workers who you may not ordinarily interact with on a day-to-day basis. We really enjoy Donut at Isos and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. 


That’s a small look into what the culture at Isos Technology is like. We strive each day as leaders to make it better and better. 

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