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DevOps is all about constant collaboration and iterative improvement, so it’s no surprise that DevOps itself is evolving over time. Until recently, DevOps has often focused on building, testing, and releasing software faster and more reliably. But what happens after that software is deployed? 

The next challenge for DevOps to embrace is expanding from helping organizations build, to helping them run. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), the practice of optimizing software development for reliability, is one of the fastest growing ways for organizations to do just that. And Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are critical to tracking reliability goals, and managing the tradeoff between feature delivery and technical debt.  

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Check out the recording and presentation slides from our webinar, presented by Nobl9, Dynatrace, and Isos Technology.

In this webinar, Thad West, CEO of Isos Technology, discusses the evolution of DevOps with SRE and SLO experts, and shows how DevOps can help organizations deliver an exceptional customer experience. You’ll learn about:

  1. The evolution of DevOps roles and responsibilities within an organization
  2. Key performance metrics for Site Reliability Engineering 
  3. SLO quality gates, or how to stop bad code from getting into production
  4. Why both “shift left” and “shift right” approaches to DevOps are important

Watch the webinar to also learn how Nobl9’s SLO platform and Dynatrace’s cloud intelligence platform integrate with Atlassian tools to align DevOps teams and business stakeholders, and helps organizations build AND run smarter.

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