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5 Key Ways an Atlassian Managed Services Partner Can Add Value

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Here at Isos Technology, our Managed Services team is known for superb customer service and overall support of your Atlassian stack. Whether you're looking for incident support for your Atlassian products, implementation guidance, product upgrades, integration support, Atlassian administration, and/or 24x7 Coverage, we can cover all your bases.

One thing that may not immediately occur to those considering our support services is that we also emphasize proactive support of your Atlassian environment, as well. We not only help you with the tactical, day-to-day management of your Atlassian tools, but we also strive to become your strategic partner so that you can rest assured we are providing value above and beyond what you would expect from a typical Managed Services team.

In practice, this means we ensure we're taking time to regularly evaluate the health of your environment and collectively review your priorities. This gives our team of experts a chance to offer suggestions, share best practices for potential inclusion in your roadmap, or bring up ideas or considerations that you may not currently be aware of.

Below I'll outline some of the tasks we suggest doing for our Managed Services clients on a quarterly basis:



Every quarter, your Isos Technology support team will internally huddle to hold a retrospective on your engagement with us. This retrospective helps us to continuously improve the engagement, whether it be technical in nature or just to improve how we're managing the account (even down to improving communication). During this meeting, we address the client's specific priorities, pain points, and even the communication style.

This allows us to tailor and enhance our engagement in ways that work best for your organization specifically, with an emphasis on growing the relationship and building trust. We know actions speak louder than words, so we review the actions we've taken to prove our value to you so far and develop a plan for how we can take that to the next level quarter after quarter. This retrospective also provides time to discuss potential opportunities for your environment (think infrastructure improvements or apps that could be useful...) and strategic suggestions for you and your organization.



We evaluate whether upgrades are due for your applications and apps quarterly, in order to ensure you are on the latest long-support release. We will always proactively bring this to your attention and begin to plan out upgrades with you and your organization. No more having to track this yourself!


Infrastructure Review

Depending on the engagement (if we have access to your servers and help support them, for example), we will review and evaluate your current systems on a quarterly basis to ensure optimal integration/configuration and provide impactful recommendations. Some common suggestions that come from this can revolve around monitoring solutions, disaster recovery, hardware recommendations, etc.


Jira Cleanup

Each quarter, we analyze your Jira instance to identify and propose a cleanup of unused artifacts. We then schedule and carry out the cleanup. This ensures good hygiene and improves performance by deleting artifacts in your Jira instance that are no longer used. Artifacts analyzed for cleanup typically include things like custom fields, screens, various types of schemes, statuses, workflows, and even issue/project archival.


Quarterly Business Reviews

The quarterly business review (QBR) varies based on the size of the engagement, but it is generally a meeting to chat on how the engagement is going. During the QBR, we review how the previous quarter went (which can include reviewing metrics, KPIs, how OKR's are tracking, etc.), and then also review and decide on priorities for the next quarter. This can even involve planning or roadmapping depending on the scope of the engagement and meeting. Overall, this is a time to bring in stakeholders and individuals with different perspectives to chime in on larger strategic initiatives or suggestions. We usually pull our Director of Engineering, Director of Managed Services, and VP of Business Development into this call to make sure you get a regular touchpoint with them and that we give individualized attention to your specific engagement. The QBR is yet another way we ensure we are proving our value, continuously improving and adding more value, and putting focused energy into growing a great partnership with your organization.


A Proactive, Strategic Managed Services Partner

These five tasks are just some of the ways Isos Technology's Atlassian Managed Services team stays proactive in the support we provide our clients. If you're interested in chatting with us on these items or the other ways our Managed Services team can help your team or organization with the Atlassian tools, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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