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We are putting the finishing touches on two brand-new articles, and we can't wait to unveil them to the public! The first piece, titled Use Atlassian Tools to Streamline Development Processes and Increase Collaboration, goes into detail about how the robust Atlassian toolset can help any organization achieve a digital transformation. Translation: Better alignment and decision making, increased productivity, and more structured task management.

In our second piece, called How to Get the Most Value from Your Atlassian Investment, we'll delve into why it is essential to use an Atlassian Solution Partner, such as Isos Technology, to help you manage and optimize your Atlassian toolset. Here is a glimpse of the article to tantalize you...

Focus on your Core Business While the Partner Manages the Tools

You know what you do best. And your team works like crazy to stay in the zone when the pressure is on. So, when considering the DIY approach, another question you need to ask is this,  

Is Atlassian tool setup and management a muscle we want to develop vs. focusing that energy on maximizing the return from our core business? 

We’re all familiar with the benefits of working with a specialist. You wouldn’t try to remove shrapnel from your own torso (unless you’re Matt Damon, stranded on Mars). No, you’d have an ER doctor do it.  

Nor would you try to service the plane that takes you back home, write your own real estate contract or build your own house. Well, I guess some people would. But you wouldn’t. You are using these tools to run your business. It’s not your business to run the tools.

The full articles will be available in early April and we look forward to sharing them with you! 

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