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Atlassian Cloud Models…What are Your Options?

Atlassian Cloud

Ahoy, my most loyal blog readers! Your resident Atlassian nerd is back at it again. THIS TIME…. drum roll please….to discuss Atlassian Cloud deployment options.

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Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 Announcement: Enterprise Cloud

Cloud, Atlassian Cloud, Atlassian Summit

The world is a crazy place these days. I hope, first and foremost, all who are reading this blog--and their families and team  members--are safe and healthy!
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Exporting Beautifully Formatted Documents from Atlassian Cloud

Confluence, Jira, Atlassian Cloud

There are times where you need to share data from your Atlassian tools with people outside your company, or people that don't have access to your instances. There are built-in options for exporting PDFs, but if[...]

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Getting Ahead of Atlassian Server Security

Atlassian, Atlassian Cloud

So 2020 was a busy year for the Atlassian security team. It seems like every month or so a major security flaw was discovered that forced action by Atlassian administrators around the globe. These flaws unearthed in[...]

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TL;DR What's the deal with Bitbucket Pipelines

Software Development, Cloud, Atlassian, Bamboo, Atlassian Cloud, Bitbucket, DevOps

We at Isos Technology are huge fans of Bitbucket + Bamboo for all one's version control and CI/CD needs.  My Isos blog roll is littered with posts covering both products. If you are an Atlassian Cloud user, you'll[...]

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Atlassian Cloud vs. Server: The Best Platform for your Organization

Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Cloud, Data Center

If you have attended any Atlassian Summit event in the past five years, the message is loud in clear: The future of Atlassian's product usage is in Atlassian Cloud. As one of Atlassian's premier Solution Partners,[...]

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My Top 5 Wish List for Jira Next-gen

Jira, Atlassian Cloud

In my last blog, I shared my experience with Jira next-gen, trying to be as objective about the experience as possible. If you are working in Jira cloud, you are most likely aware that there are constant changes in[...]

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Trying Out Jira Next-Gen | Highlights and Insight

Jira, Atlassian Cloud

Have you been wondering what Jira next-gen is?

...have you taken the time to take a closer look yet?

While I have heard "don't even...", and "You're grounded if you even touch that..." I couldn't resist looking and[...]

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Top 4 Benefits of Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

Atlassian, Jira, Atlassian Cloud

It’s been a decade since Atlassian first released their Cloud products, and today it's the choice 90% of customers select over the Server versions of Jira and Confluence.

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Comparing Atlassian Cloud Licensing: Monthly vs. Annual

Cloud, Atlassian Cloud

If you are considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud, it’s important to weigh the cost implications associated with the subscription options. Offered on a monthly basis to spread costs over time and flexible per-user[...]

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