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Smart Searching in Confluence

By Peggy Trammell

Are your searches producing pages and pages of results in Confluence?  Do you...

24 Jul, 2019

What is Confluence and Being Confluencial?

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

When I talk to people about Atlassian, they frequently start...

22 Jul, 2019

Do you Have a License for That Desk?

It’s finally here! Spring has sprung. I think this time of year is like no other. There is a...

28 Jun, 2019

How to manage time while working from home

Working from home gives you the freedom to work whenever you want, but you need to learn what tools...

20 Jun, 2019

People, Practices and Culture at Summit

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

This year I had the pleasure of attending the Atlassian Summit in...

13 Jun, 2019

Tales from the [Digital] Crypt: Collaborative Editing on a Synchrony Cluster

by Carlos Vasquez

One of the powerful new features introduced with Confluence 6.0, collaborative...

10 Jun, 2019

The Case of Crypto-Confluence

This post was co-authored with Bob Wen.

It's very rare that we get to write in the style of our ...

7 Jun, 2019

Customer Friendly Knowledge Base

Guest Contributor: Mary Ramirez

Here are some quick tips on setting up a customer friendly...

31 May, 2019

HR and Confluence: Sharing Internal Information

When you work in the corporate world, you know that there are some things that are as predictable...

30 May, 2019
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