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So, Slack... Now What: First Things a Creative Professional Should Do when Switching to Slack

So your company has to switch to Slack because Atlassian's killing HipChat and Stride...

14 Aug, 2018

Jira Data Center Node Status

With Jira Data Center and auto scaling becoming the most reliable way to run Jira in large...

26 Jul, 2018

The Fit Giant

The General Services Administration (GSA) is one of the most recognizable agencies in the federal...

2 Jul, 2018

Auto-magical Automation in Jira

I may be a Consultant, but behind my nicely ironed company polo and sweet Kate Spade laptop bag I'm...

19 Jun, 2018

What do your customers need to know to make good purchasing decisions?

Hello World Wide Web!

12 Jun, 2018

Using Project Roles in Jira

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

For many years Jira had users and groups. You associated users...

5 Jun, 2018

The Best Uses of Jira Epics

Guest Contributor: Larry Cummings

Our Favorite definition of an Epic is on the Atlassian’s Agile...

22 May, 2018

Why reinvent the wheel?

Everyone is familiar with the saying, "why reinvent the wheel?" We use this whenever someone is...

6 Apr, 2018

5 reasons why your Confluence users need mobile

27 Mar, 2018

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