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Using Jira Resolution Field Descriptions: "Cancelled" and "Won't Do"

Software Development, Jira

I’m frequently asked the question:

If a team wants to maintain stories that are deemed unnecessary, what is the best way to show these in Jira versus having a resolution status of "cancelled".

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How to Remove DevOps Friction In Game Development with Atlassian Tools

Software Development, Confluence, Atlassian, Jira, Bitbucket, DevOps

Game development is a perfect example of the DevOps model for software lifecycles. When done properly, game development is in a perpetual cycle of building, releasing, supporting and updating. All parts of the[...]

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5 Top Tips for Using Lucidchart in Software Development

Software Development, Confluence, Atlassian

Guest post by Lucid Software

If you count yourself among the nine million people who use Lucidchart, you have probably enjoyed the easy drag-and-drop functionality and compatibility across operating systems when[...]

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Why developers should view diagrams as core documentation

Software Development, Software Solutions, Agile


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Splitting Agile Stories

Software Development, Software Solutions, Agile

The following article is a guest post to Zephyr from Rodney West, Senior Consultant and the Editorial Director at Isos Technology. Isos Technology is a partner of Zephyr and is the market leader in solving complex[...]

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Hackathons: Can they foster joint innovation?

Software Development, Software Solutions

Guest post by Sanjay Zalavadia

Hackathons can produce amazing results.
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