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Delivering team agility with Enterprise governance

Software Development, Atlassian, Jira, Software Solutions, Agile

I help a lot of large organizations set up Jira Software for their teams because they love the agility of Jira Software. The teams all have unique perspectives, capabilities and use tools differently, yet their[...]

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Improve Your Business with Test Automation

Software Development, Software Solutions

Guest post by Sanjay Zalavadia

Automation helps connect the dots in a complex testing process.
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Cognitive Biases in Testing: How to Take Notice & Avoid Common Pitfalls

Development Process, Software Development

Guest post by Sanjay Valavadia

Our perceptions impact how we test.

  Testing is an art of making judgments and choices about how to evaluate certain features, what types of scripts to write and how these cases will be[...]

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How to test and validate software quality in startups

Software Development, Software Solutions, DevOps

Guest post by Sanjay Zalavadia

The market for startups has been red hot of late, and there will still be a lot of innovation and available venture capital in 2016 and beyond. For entrepreneurs with the next great idea,[...]

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