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Isos 15th Anniversary: An Employee Perspective



A week or so ago, every employee at Isos received a thank you gift box, delivered by Priority Mail right to our doorsteps, in celebration of Isos Technology's 15th Anniversary.

Since I am in the office a couple of times a week these days, I happened to see the behind-the-scenes of my co-workers,  Desi and Lexi, putting together these boxes. They kept the contents a secret, so my only heads up was that I was getting one of these goodie boxes delivered to my house.

Hurry up, USPS!!

Watching these ladies assemble boxes that were going to employees and contractors...well, it was quite the production. I also know they spent hours working on this secret project leading up to the assembly...all directed by our amazing Marketing and HR departments.

I was not privy to all of the meetings, decisions, and creativity that lead up to the end result, but since I do know the passion that these departments have, I can imagine it was a labor of love.

And then...drumroll...my mail finally came!

I joked with co-workers that it was like Christmas! The contents of this box did not disappoint. Included was a newly designed logo for our Isos Anniversary on a trucker hat, a sticker with the same anniversary logo, and a coffee mug (we love our swag here at Isos). It also included an Atlassian Summit 2020 T-Shirt that we were unable to distribute to our customers this year...due to COVID-19, and Atlassian's quick restructuring of Summit into a virtual event.

There were also a couple of amazing snacks, including a cupcake in a mason jar and a chocolate chip cookie, sourced from a local small business in Arizona. These desserts were absolutely delicious and a welcomed surprise sweet treat delivered to my doorstep!

The last item in my box that actually meant the absolute most to me was a thank you note from Thad West, our CEO. A handwritten thank you, with sentiments that were thoughtful, funny, and touched my heart.

In my six years here at Isos, I have always been made to feel included, and my voice heard, and I have been told “thank you” many times before, but this one was different. This one was intentional in a moment of uncertainty, to let each of us know that we are all important parts of the bigger picture, during a time when we are mostly only accessible through virtual chats and Slack messaging. It felt personal, it felt real, and it felt important.

In a week that has brought this country to its knees, amidst a pandemic that has brought the world to its knees, I at least have one calming element...knowing that I work for a company that has a conscience, compassion, and a voice that gives each of us a secure and supportive work place that we can call home.

Happy Anniversary Isos, I am fortunate to be a part of everything you do!!

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