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My Top 3 Sessions to Check Out at Atlassian Team '21

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Atlassian Team '21 is going on now, and as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Provider, we're all pretty excited about it!  For me, there are 3 events that stand out above the rest. If you didn't happen to catch the first two live—and if you purchased an All Access Pass—I would recommend that you check them out (the third one happens tomorrow morning). Here are my Top 3 Sessions to Check Out at Atlassian Team '21...

The Evolution of Modern Work

In this event, we got to hear from Mike Cannon-Brookes, Stewart Butterfield, and Eric Yuan, the CEOs of Atlassian, Slack, and Zoom, respectively. In this session, we heard how the workplace of the future is fundamentally different that what we are used to, and how collaboration software is what is enabling us to get there. Not to mention, they all spoke about what their organizations are doing to adapt to these changes. This excited me because we were able to hear how the collaboration tools we are using are going to be the driving force for the workplace of the future. 


Thrive Like a Hive: Elevate Business Team Performance

This event was delivered to us by Claire Maynard, the Head of Product Marketing, New Products & Solutions for Atlassian. Now this session may not carry the star power that the other two do, but I was very excited about it for two reasons. The first is that it came directly from the person who handles marketing for all the new and exciting products and solutions at Atlassian. The second reason I was super excited for this talk is because she is announced updates to Trello and Confluence, as well as two new products. Not to mention, she also discussed a brand-new Jira built just for business teams. This is a huge one to watch for anyone who is thinking of hopping into the Atlassian ecosystem, or for anyone who is already in the ecosystem and is excited to hear about some major news and updates. 


Next Generation Leadership

The keynote speaker of this event is none other than Malcolm Gladwell. If that's not already enough to get you excited, he is also going to speak to us about what the COVID pandemic did to the workforce, and how it was and continues to be a "golden opportunity" for corporations to rethink the way they conduct business. More specifically, he will be speaking on the transformations of the workplace that the younger generation is requesting, and that teams can now be re-imagined as "weak-link" systems, rather than the strongest-link systems that they are looked at as of now. 

Atlassian always kills it at these Team events, but this one has some serious star power when it comes to the keynote speakers, and some serious news about the tools we love to use. I can't wait to hear and see all the exciting changes coming down the pipeline!

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