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The 411 on Atlassian's Latest Gem: Jira Service Management

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Atlassian has made a lot of cool announcements this year, but as far as we're concerned, their latest news takes the cake—with sprinkles on top. Today, our favorite Aussie-based company debuted Jira Service Management, a next-gen version of Jira Service Desk that has tons of awesome, new functionality and features. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and Atlassian's 2019 Partner of the Year: Enterprise (we always like to throw that in when we can...), we got an early look at Jira Service Management and we're extremely happy to report that it is über cool.  

So How is Jira Service Management Different from Jira Service Desk?

Great question. As you know, Atlassian already had a good thing with Jira Service Desk, their flexible, collaborative ITSM solution designed for rapid service delivery. But—in response to market and customer feedback— the good folks at Atlassian knew they wanted to enhance this popular tool. After much research, hard work, and iteration, they've released Jira Service Management (JSM), a modern ITSM solution that tightly integrates Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie, and layers in new and improved general ITSM, incident management, and change management features and functionality. 

Still have questions? We know you're probably still digesting this latest announcement, so here are some resources on Atlassian and JSM that we think will be helpful for you...

Read Our New Whitepaper 

Interested in learning more about JSM and how it will improve your organization's ITSM processes? Check out our latest whitepaper, Jira Service Management: A Modern Solution for an Evolving IT LandscapeIn this paper, we explore how digital transformation is revolutionizing the role of ITSM in supporting business and creating a demand for new, more modern ITSM technology and infrastructure. Then we take a look at Jira Service Management and how Atlassian has created a single, new tool to better support ITSM, incident management, and change management.

Download Now


Our JSM Resource Center

If you're looking for more info, be sure to check out our Jira Service Management Resource Center. It contains links to the aforementioned whitepaper, along with a host of other resources, including:

  • Case Studies: We do a deep dive into the two complex JSM implementations we completed for the Department of Defense and O.C. Tanner.
  • Video Series: A quick set of videos that feature two of our Atlassian Consultants sharing their thoughts on JSM.
  • Much, much more!

Download Now

Reach Out to Us Today for More Information

The introduction of Jira Service Management is just the beginning. As with all Atlassian tools, we anticipate that as JSM evolves, it will become even more robust. Whether you're a current Jira Service Desk customer or are in the process of exploring JSD and want to know what the introduction of Jira Service Management means for your organization, please contact Isos Technology. We would be happy to help you better understand how JSM can help power your high-velocity team.

JSM Whitepaper

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