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Now, this is a story all about how your meetings got flipped...turned upside down...and I'd like to take a minute, just read here next, I'll tell you how you'll be the winner of a game called "Collab-Fest!"

Even if you're not digging my DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-inspired opening, I'm sure you're digging your meeting-email-frenzy headaches even less. You know the ones. They happen all the time, and I bet you might not even know that a move to your auntie and uncle's house in Confluence Cloud could be the best thing that your mama ever did for your meetings.

Has this ever happened to you?

A matter has come up that seems best addressed with a meeting, so you send out an email to your coworkers and let them know. You even follow up with a calendar invite—all good. Well, then word gets out about the meeting, and the email chain starts to grow. Discussions are happening, ideas are discussed, and more people are added to the thread. The original email chain is now branching out with side discussions here and there—what you can see of them, anyway. People are responding to older emails in the thread, and it's a bit of a headache to keep up.

The chatter has certainly confirmed that a meeting was a good idea, but now a whole bunch of other things are unclear, and you don't have an extra 20 minutes to dig through emails and put the pieces back together like Humpty Dumpty. Also, who is this Geoffrey guy from maintenance, and how'd he get looped into this?

You hold the meeting anyway, but it's a bit rough because there are more people there than you had accounted for, and surprise—they brought their own agendas! You get through a solid discussion, but not all of your coworkers were there, so you're not sure whether to send a follow up to the email chain, or start a new one.

Your notes in the email are thorough, including followups for some of the folks on the call and a few who could not attend. The email goes out, and it feels like sending it out into the abyss. You're not sure everyone will be able to find it in the mess of threads when it comes time for them to follow through on their actions or read through to understand the decisions made.

When you meet again next week, you spend 20 minutes going over the last meeting because there are quite a few questions from people who didn't attend or who couldn't find the right email thread to get up to date on the final decisions.

If this hasn't happened to you, I'm willing to bet Uncle Phil's mansion that you've got your own story that isn't too far off.

Well friends, the time has come to upgrade your meeting choreography and try a new song and dance with Confluence Cloud. Meetings managed with Confluence Cloud mean that everyone will know the latest and greatest, because there is one central source of truth. No more guessing about what was decided when, and what's on whose to-do list. Collaboration doesn't have to come with email headaches anymore.

Two clicks are all it takes, and you're off to collaboration greatness without ever having to open your inbox! Just create a page using the Meeting Notes template, and before you know it, you'll have all the key ingredients for an instant "Collab-Fest." Check it out...


Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 9.35.52 PMFresh Prince Meeting


So when you show up to a meeting with seven or eight people, you can say to your inbox, "Yo, homie! Smell ya later." Then, you can look at your kingdom, kick back, and rest, because you're sitting on your throne as the winner of "Collab-Fest!"


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